Spiritual omen or human mistake?

Hello so I was carving some candles into shapes to do a reconciliation spell and all of à sudden thé head l was carving on my man shaped candle popped of…would anyone know if that is a spiritual omen ( good or bad) or if I just pushed to hard maybe with my carving knife in trying to get the neck right?

P.s I also carved à heart and everything went perfectly
P.p.s when doing this I was thinking on how I need to come up with a spell to make him feel with his heart rather than just his head…so maybe its à sign?


In this case, since you were carving with intention, while, yes it’s an easy part of the carving to have break, I’d read it as part of the working.

For things like this, it’s really best to rely on your own intuition than other people’s opinions. You have to trust yourself. Do YOU feel it’s significant? Then, it is. And it matters not what we say.


Yeah I feel like its signiificant but i dont know in what way

hopefully I will sense it soon

I don’t really fuck with love magick and all that but I was told if you want someone to be all over you … For this spell to complete, you need a jar, one red pen, one red candle, a piece of brown paper, and cotton.

Write both your full name and the guy as well on the paper and then put it inside the jar filled with cotton. Cover it with a lid and place under your bed. After that, perform a ritual with the red candle and do the meditation while waiting for the candle to burn out.

In your case we don’t need red candles. You’ve already carved and made with passion and intent the desire already is embedded within so it will have its power as long as your passionate and you don’t burn out. Stay level headed and wait for a result


In some cultures writing someone’s name in the color red is a death wish.

My Grade 8 Social Studies teacher spent his first year out of University teaching English in Thailand. They did report cards by hand in pen. When it came time for the quarterly report card, he had only red pen, and he did all the report cards in this red pen. After having sent them out, very quickly all the parents were calling him, asking him why he hated their children so much that he wished for them to die, he was very confused. It was eventually explained to him the whole cultural taboo on writing names in red and it’s stuck with him ever since.


ah I never knew that, I will definetly keep that in mind

Is that true for love spells as well?

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I’m not sure, that’s why I was pointing it out. Many cultures have different views of colours, for example, in Asian cultures, white, instead of black, is the colour of mourning and death. But, to be on the safe side, substitute the red pen for pink.

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I will definetly do that, thank you <3

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That’s super interesting. While it’s true, and now you’ve said it it’s put a seed in Cathy’s mind, intention is everything.

In the example, while it scared the parents, none of those children were at risk, because the teacher didn’t death wish them. Just being in a country isn’t enough to get a death curse to work, you must put will towards it.

Likewise, Cathy wouldn’t be death wishing the target with a red name if hat wasn’t her intention, especially if it’s set with a different intention up front.

I like it though. If I ever create another poppet, in which I sometimes tuck inside the name on a tiny rolled up bit of paper, I’m totally trying writing that in blood red ink.

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