Spiritual nausea

So… lets talk about nausea related to magick… I have discovered that both under and after many types of magickal workings, I feel nauseous. I know that you can get both dizzy and nauseous if you are not used to handle high amounts of energy, but what I’m talking about is something else. Many of you have probably discovered that by working with powers related to the darker aspects of spirituality, one often finds him/herself inebriated and strenghtened by energies and feelings that “ordinary” people would deem immoral, disgusting, or even fear. One of these sensations for me is spiritual nausea. It’s hard to explain, but it comes in various forms and “nuances”, and can even be mixed up with other different types of energetic sensations. I usually feel this under darker types of workings connected to the shadow, necromancy, and the moon. And being influenced by this energy, I often find myself more tired (sometimes completely exhausted) while being in a darker state of mind, which I ALSO find some weird form of “comfort” and pleasure in. This is pure energy and it has nothing to do with “physical” nausea. This has been recurring for a long while now so I tought it might be time to speak to reach out to people who might know more…

So to everyone of you out there who also experience this, I would be very thankful if you could share some of your thoughts and knowledge regarding this matter. When do you experience it? Why? How do you feel about it?

Thanks in advance!


I feel nauseous and dizzy when invoking or doing ritual work. It goes away after i shower, meditate, take vitamin C, suck some life out of other people :stuck_out_tongue:
Sometimes it is too much and some people around me, the Christian ones, feel compelled to do the cross sign or offer me holy water.
That or even priests don’t have any effect hehe.

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Interesting. I mainly feel it under periods of heavy invocation. Though I can’t shower or meditate it away, it’s like it’s a part of the actual invocation. But of course, sometimes it surfaces stronger than other times.

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actually last night i invoked a spirit and the split second after i said the rite, all of a sudden a wave of nausea came over me. (similiar to lsd kicking in for those who have experience with that)