Spiritual "Hyperbolic Time Chamber"?

In Ipssisimus, EA mentioned that his perception of his Soul Travel experiences often felt like hours-long experiences, yet he reported that only a few seconds had passed (or about a minute).

I was wondering if you could experiment with creating a place or traveling to a realm via Soul Travel or time-space manipulation where you can spend as much time as you want working with spirits. Then, you could travel back to Earth and you’ll back in your body as if nothing had happened, except you would come back with a wealth of knowledge from possibly decades or even millennia of experience with the spirits.

I don’t actually think this is too far out there, since time manipulation even with a servitor like Fotamecus has proven to be effective.

Also, the creation of astral temples themselves might have something to do with this, since our physical time doesn’t exist on the astral. However, I haven’t heard of people exploring the uses of the temples in the way I have outlined here .


Interesting topic, I am surprised as well since this was on my mind for some time now. There are, like a ton of “barriers” that would block that transference of knowledge but magic is vast, there are more ways than one as they say.