Spiritual gains/ growth

Hi all,

I wrote a very vague and brief introduction about myself and I thought if I really want to grow spiritually, I would need to be more forthcoming or more detailed here in order for one to understand the level that I am at right now.

As for now, I cannot hear or see demons manifesting themselves before me. I desire that alot but at the same time, I am scared shitless. I think my fear is the only reason to what’s stopping me from achieving spiritual goals.

I’ve done magick successfully and also not. Lol. I rarely ask of anything but to only set up a ritual working to establish a stronger connection or bond with them. Tho I’ve not seen them in person but I’ve seen belial, lucifer, king paimon, Mephistopheles, a dragon( I was doing a ritual on Tiamat), and my all time favrotite Lilith in my minds eyes. I only heard lucifer but he gave me a one word reply.

Even with the lack of knowledge in this pathworking, I dived into afew things that maybe at my novice level, and shouldn’t. I think my greatest accomplishment so far is to have opened the 9 gates of hells, summoning the 9 demonic gatekeepers. The energy was so fucking crazy.

I think most of the time, I incorporate astral working with this physical plane rituals most of the time and maybe thats why my magick is often successful.

Due to personal reasons, I stopped practicing magick and somehow lost faith in them but it’s all coming back to me now. I kinda stopped doing rituals, giving offerings. I still love them very dearly, too much that I’ll forsake anyone I know in this plane Just to be by the demons side. But I just want to find the initial spark that got me so hardworking in this path, I’m slowly building it all back. It’ll take awhile but I am hopeful.

When I first began on this path, I made a pact to lucifer to give my soul, body and mind to him. Without even knowing what it means or what lies in the nearest future, I can only say I’ve been thru fucking shit but I’m slowling seeing the light now, slowly seeing the path lucifer is guiding me to go. I think that even tho a pact was made, it wasn’t really made. I haven’t dedicated myself to a demon but I’m always team Lilith. And she’s a huge part of my life, people who try to see my astral plane told me they got blocked by a succubus, needless to say who.

I want to do a ritual again, I want to find that spark. I want to gain spiritual growth, I want to know all the knowledge of the occult. Necromancy… what demons should I invoke? I do not do evocations, as it’s my own beliefs that it’s rude to evoke a demon. What demons should I invoke to gain the sight, the wisdom and the ability to achieve what I want with the guidance from them?

Recently I’ve been very drawn to lucifer as I feel that he has a message for me but I can’t hesr him, I can’t see him. What ways can I go about when I want to connect with him even more? And also, while watching EA kotting videos, I chanced upon him mentioning Amaymon and lucifer. What are your experiences with amaymon and should I invoke him?

Sorry for the lengthy post. If anyone wants a list of the demons I’m worked with, just let me know. Hopefully it’ll let you further understand me more.tjank you! :black_heart:

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24 hours before E.A has put his ever first newsletter about Lucifer Amaymon, i have dream of Lucifer, and he have call himself “Lucifer Amaymon”
I have stick with the name and energy of the Lucifer we know now, and i was not expecting at all, that he could use the “Amaymon” mask for me, when i have never asked about that.

It was a dream and we where followed by a million snakes, all kind of snakes you could imagine, and in a place choose by him,the snakes stopped when we have reach a kind of barrier, and that was his territory, he showed himself, the dream went rather erotic, lol, but in my own perception and experience, Lucifer Amaymon is real, he said to me to call his name!

I know when we don’t see something while we are waked can be a burden, because we can tell all of this is our own mind, but if you remember your dreams, ask Lord Lucifer to show to you this way, and there is no mistake, he will make it very clear to you, that he is the one talking to you, and he always let advices and insights about your life that you can’t negate!

Ahahah, that can’t be achieved

You said something about wisdom, so I think Lucifer could help you with that, He’s a humanist, helps everyone that wants to learn from Him and are serious.

If you feel that you should invoke Amaymon, then do this. Most of the times the entities use that as a subtle way to tell you that he/she is opened to work with you.

Your free to list the demons that you are working or worked with

Do you see frequently the entities with your physical eyes? That happens extremely rare to me, almost all the times I’m seeing the entities in my 3rd eye.

Ahahah, I thought that I was the single one that is so attached to the entities that I’m working with. :smile:

I can’t see them at all, only thru my mind’s eyes. And it’s also not frequent at all too. Like I’ll see the overall appearance but I just can’t see the face.

Yes yes, I have plans on invoking Lucifer to teach and guide me and to impart wisdom to me. But I’ll be sure to tell him to go easy on me this time, don’t let me burn so long and much. Lol.

It’s rare to find someone who love so passionately and fiercely about demons. Sure, you find someone who claims he/ she does but isn’t willing to sacrifice for the greater good. Glad I found you here!

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They are archetypse of the absolute perfection so a human could never be like Them, this is what I like at them and it attracts me at Them.