Spiritual fire for purifying and healing

For anyone interested in nontraditional rituals for spiritual purifying the energy bodies this one is my personal one I use the most often.

Start by visualizing the core of your spiritual being, then call upon the fires of heaven and hell to burn anything within that is damaging or unnecessary word it any way that feels right I use the following ( celestial fire of the empyrean sphere decend into core, infernal fire of the chthonean sphere ascend into my core, holy flames of heaven and unholy flames of hell become as one burn away all that is uneeded and empower me in my continued becoming.)
as your saying either this or your own wording feel the flames burning within you riding you of any stress, pain or any other unnecessary energetic residual.

I’ve this simple ritual in verious ways and for me it’s very adaptable uses healing of physical pain, getting rid of stress or negative energy, centering your focus for magic or spiritual pursuits, or general spirual cleansing if anyone wishes to try it out I would like to your experiences or adaptions.