Spiritual evultion combined with sorcery, Do Magicians help Demons Evolve?

Allright, so i had this thought that… Wait a minute.
When E.A. started mentioning Demons to evolve along with us,
i’ve felt like wow, maybe this is coincidence…

But within the OAA,
some of the Spirits seem to bound extremely well.

I just wonder,
why is it that some are actually residing with us for such lovely relations?

And it also reminds me of the “fish back in the Water”, type of line there was.

how far can immortality be taken?

Can a Sorcerer leave his Body behind,
being unbound from it,
free to make a New one even, if necessary?

I know the concept of being uploaded into a New Body by transfairing the Brain,
but that’s not what i mean.
My idea rather goes along the Dragonish, Snakish shape that is accessed when casting hypnosis, Envocation or instand control of a target within reach (of sight).

Can that form of us, actually go ahead and take a human into full Slavory?

Well, maybe if i’m just having cursious strange thought’s, may one of you wake me up?
Couz’ these feel like they’re well up for discussion :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for distribution to the topic.



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