Spiritual Detox

I want to feel fresh and rejuvenated spiritually like I do physically after a physical detox. I’m not sure how to go about a spiritual detox I just know I want to destroy all the preconceived ideas/core beliefs/dogmatic bullshit that western society and culture has drilled into my psyche for 2 decades.
So how to do this?

There are as lot of symbolic “death to my old self” rituals that exist within various cultures, they’re quite a common theme within shamanistic cultures especially and the idea’s been widely adopted (and adapted) within modern core shamanism.

You’d have to pay to attend one of the formal trainings, but you could do a far more meaningful ceremony yourself, and by ceremony I don’t mean 35 minutes in a room with incense followed by a sandwich and some TV, I mean something done over at least 24 hours that pushes you to the edge - and over it - in some way.

Two tips if you go that route: whatever you choose, make it count, because it will stay with you for the rest of your life and if you hold back at the last minute you’ll regret it (I didn’t, but came very close); and also make sure you have a proper plan for “rebirthing” yourself afterwards, reintroducing that which you find desirable and so on.

That part is as important because it’s easy to destroy anything, a child can do it, but finding wiser better replacements requires maturity and understanding.

In a sense, if you die to your former self, you are then reborn clean of all former imprints and bonds, and therefore have the task of parenting yourself, which is why it’s not a thing to be taken lightly.

If you search terms like “initiatory death” and so on you should get some results on this method - I’m sure there are many others as well, but this is from my own personal experience. Choose something meaningful, and don’t worry about getting it “right” - it’s your life, and your rebirth.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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If there’s one thing I have a strong interest in, it’s shamanism. shamanism is what got me interested in the occult, and a shamanistic ritual that kills the old self and gives birth to anew I would be much interested in. \

Cool! If you do some research online you’ll be where I was at, I won’t share what I’ve done because it was always profoundly personal, but that’s the beauty of this - it needs to fit you and work for you.

For some general notes, I chose a new moon, and also threw out & gave away a load of stuff that I felt represented the old me, and so on - but the rest is entirely yours because it’s not like approaching an entity the correct way, this needs to fit your own psyche.