Spiritual connection

Fellow brethren, I have been experiencing some strong presence anytime am meditating. Most often I usually feel like someone is touching my hair and my cheek as if some insects is climbing towards my ears and hands. I feel within my eyes a very strong presence.
Has u guys ever had similar experiences and any idea about direction leading to another paths.

I most certainly have. When I first started practicing and I was trying to meet my guide she would often do this. But just about any entity can come into your meditation and give you sensations. Is the presence good or bad?

Try to use divination or set the intention of finding out who they are when you go into meditation next if that’s what you’re interested in finding out. Stay safe. :heart:

Meditation thins the veil between physical reality and spiritual terrain — they lapse in between each other which is why profound results come from meditation; it’s a manifestation of any possibility.

Most often, the presence is good.
But I will connect to know they are. Tnz

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tnz bro, but have experience such presence before

A presence could indicate parasympathetic response to the surrounding energy whilst deep state relaxation. Most of it which is why the body may tingle or hair will stand. It’s definitely physical and spiritual influence. Unsure what to assume though. Have fun!

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