Spiritual Companions

Any thoughts on which entities are the best for mentoring and companionship after all? Personally I think that I really should start working with Azazel more to create some kind of bond.

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Azazel, Belial, King Paimon come to mind.

Lucifer also, even though I’ve heard he’s really busy. He’ll still make time for you if he likes you tho.

Also know of a few people who worked closely with Marbas and Bael. Heard only good things about them as mentors.


It seems to be about the relationship you build and if your personality gels. Every one of the spirits I work with is amazing, it’s fun getting to see their traits and how they come out as you get to know them. For me some are very teasing and like to use humor, they feel like good friends. Others are warm and comforting with a maternal/paternal or beloved teacher feeling. Then there are those who feel more like a lover. Every person is going to bond with these spirits differently. If you feel Azazel is a good fit, then go for it.


How did that work out for you? I find myself in the same situation of wanting a mentor and companion.