Spiritual Colognes Or Perfumes

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Here i want to discuss and share some Knowledge regarding spiritual colognes and Perfumes in Latin American Magic and Folklore.

For many years in many systems such as Caribbean spiritism, 21 divisions, Saint Folk Magic, Muerterismo and Curanderismo the use of spiritual colognes has been used and each one serves for specific reasons and purposes. Here i will give examples of certain colognes we can use for specific things we would like to obtain and desire.

In Countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominica Rep, Mexico and so on. Spirits themselves prefer particular fragrances as well so they can come closer to us. We also use colognes to protect from unwanted spirits.

Florida water or Agua Florida: This is used for expelling negative energies and purifying. Not what many don’t know that due to its high alcohol content, citrus, content and other ingredients. This perfumes calls many hot spirits. We use this perfume as well to clean ourselves with fire. Its a simple purification that we do that we place some Florida water on a plate (don’t over due it) and light it in front of our spirits and pass our hands over the fire to collect the fire and pass it on our bodies. When i say collect the fire is symbolically grabbing it but feeling the heat and passing that through our bodies. I use this type of cleaning when stand in front of my forces like Lucifer, Arc Angel Michael so on.

7 Machos: (With the original hologram seal):
This perfume or cologne can be used to call forces like Lucifer and bring them closer to us. Spirits that are known as gambler spirits, thieves, or spirits that we also send to cause confusion for our enemies like this cologne as well. This perfume is also great for calling intranquil spirits and anima solas. I mix this with Florida water and I apply when calling my spirits to enhancence the communication and bring them closer to me.


Pompeye is used for money and attraction. We use cologne charged with certain plants and other ingredients to draw people closer to us. This cologne makes those who we also desire to become interested in us. I have used this perfume for Goddesses and other female energies. They really like to it a lot.

This cologne or perfume is good for cooling down spirits and calling high elevated spirits of light. Many of my student have have told me that this cologne has helped them a lot especially with dreams. I have recommended them to apply this cologne right before going to sleep so that they may have vivid dreams. This also helps with remembering dreams as well.

Here are some examples i use spiritual colognes for. I would really love to hear yours:

Muertero Yamil


This is some good info. I have taken to sprinkling florida water on my altar when calling my spirits. It does seem to lighten the atmosphere. Sometimes I add it to consecrated water for cleansing. I am curious what you would use kananga water for. I just got a nudge to pick some up

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Kananga like Orange Blossom has the same purpose. It is for purifying. It makes the person light and purifies the atmosphere. When mixing it with 1800, Pompeye and Kananga…it is a really good mix. It attracts spirits of light. It is good for prosperity as well.


1800 is also really good for opening mediumship and establish contact with certain spirits. This cologne is very good for bringing spirits closer to us.


Florida water is one of my always have on hand colognes. I use it for just about everything. Cleaning house, self cleansing, cleansing my tools and materials, energy cleansing, baptisms, offerings and just about anything. The smell itself is just so captivating and leaves you with just a refreshed feeling.

Coming from a latin culture it was for sure a common product to have around. Though as I have gotten older I personally just have a strong connection with it. I can also see why many spirits are drawn to it and tend to have it as one of their favorites


I just had to order some 1800. Guess I will see what I can do with it soon enough


I personally use Florida water, rose water, kananga water, snocole cologne and bay rum.

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Bump for this topic anyone consider rum a spiritual water as well? I now use overproof rum with rosemary and basil added as a spiritual water. I find the rum alone helps with summoning spirits while the rum with rosemary and basil helps with purification.

Why has 1800 and 4711 gotten so expensive :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Recently went to an occult supplier and saw them selling a nutmeg based spiritual water for money drawing purposes which I bought but haven’t tried yet. It’s super strong a whiff is similar to a whiff of rum.

It may sound weird or lame but I get a real kick from using spiritual waters like I look forward to it, it’s something fun for me :slightly_smiling_face: