Spiritual children

So I have a spirit wife and I was wondering, could I enter godform, and birth spiritual children of my godform? I was thinking I could either enter godform and create a servitor but just before it’s inception I plant it into her (with her permission of course) or I just have astral sex with her and impregnate her? What are your thoughts on this??

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Yes what?

Also I could just implant into myself and then regurgitate it when I seen it time. I have a name picked out and everything

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  1. Have you asked her - she may have a better idea how thingsa will work.

  2. good luck picking out names - if you “just” want an egregore (some of my best friends are egregores!) then picking out qualities ahead of time will work, but if this is to be a being endowed with the sacred spark of life, it’s very own godhood, it will largely be its own “person” and not created by you in every last detail - you should be able to set some kind of intent (you’re matching some kind of spirit quality, not DNA) but it won’t be like sitting to draw up a fictional character, at least it wasn’t like that in my experience.


On part 2 fair enough.

Haven’t asked her yet that’s just the idea my brain puked out. Just wanted your guy’s thoughts on what I came up with

I’ve decided that I will do an experiment and post about it. What I will be doing is creating a servitor and placing it inside my stomach just before it’s conception. I’ll be posting my experiences here. Day1: (servitor pre conception and placement phase) the servitor has been swallowed and place within my stomach. No serious or crazy manifestation yet I feel a headache coming on.

Day 1.5 (pains and voices) anytime I eat food or gain power or energy she seems to get power off of it, then again I’m eating for two. I can hear her speaking. She has a very soft and feminine voice and sexual energy. I feel a heat on my stomach, stomach pain, and a totally different consciousness inside of me. This will get interesting


yes you can. Many have done it.