Spiritual children

Can someone please explain this to me as I came across a post discussing this very thing. Never heard of it before.


It depends on the context imo

I have some spirit kids. Spirit kids arent physical, they are spirits conceived by either sex or if enough energy is focused into creating one.

Sex wise, well, it happens between 2 spirits lol. And yes, it can be done if you have a physical body lol. If a spirit child is created by focusing energy, it can have more than 2 parents if beings or people lend energy into the intent of creating another spirit.

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So if I have sex with a female demon I will get a half human half demon child? Will this child be powerful? Will it bother me?

Yes it would be half human half demon. As for power, who knows. Not all beings are born chock full of power sometimes they learn it for themselves. As for bothering, depends on the meaning haha. Im a mother to my spirit kids and they have been somewhat like how human kids would be (needing care from the parents) but mine arent part demon their dad is a human spirit. For you if you have a kid (like in your example) learn the things they like (for offerings and such), try to see them in your dreams, etc.

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Do I just get a sex demon and perform an evocation to full materialisation and then have sex or is this internal/dreams

Depending on your experience, it may be easier to do it in dreams. But you could call to an entity you don’t have to have full materialization though. With my guy i can feel him but not physically see him when “stuff” is going on in my waking hours. With whoever you evoke, you have to be respectful (asking a demon you don’t know for a spirit child is like walking up to a random girl and asking to have your baby lol)

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It would be interesting to get a full materialisation and see how it feels compared to the real thing

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Like Indigo Children?

No it would not be half human.

It would be half whatever your soul true self is and half it’s other parent.

Your physical body doesn’t affect what your spiritual children turn out to be.

Indigo children was an idea created from taking children with autism and making them into “special snowflakes” spiritual children are children who are born in the spiritual plane through sexual interaction.

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I’ve been thinking I might want to make some spiritual children

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I have 12 children, only two were born as servitors and given fragments of souls, and one was born from a God giving it a spark and then us both feeding energy into it. the rest were sexual interaction over the course of a while.