Spiritual Attack

Hello everybody,

I want to share my experience from last night. Around midnight I was woken up with the bed by my feet shaking. The room felt dark and heavy. I felt fear at first, not knowing what was in the room with me. I cannot hear or see spirits yet. I can feel them, though. This one felt demonic, male, and malevolent.

I pushed the fear out of me and had a chat with him. I told him I was not afraid, and not worthy of his time and energy. I gave him another target to go to, and terrorize till she had a heart attack and died. I told him to leave.

I closed my eyes and felt two fists violently hit the bed around my feet. My eyes jolted open. I was pissed at this point.

I felt the energy in my Solar Plexes, and made it grow into a large ball. I pushed it up my body and down my arm as I aimed my hand at my target. I screamed, “Leave this house,” as I pushed the ball of energy from my hand. I yelled again, “You are not welcome here,” as I repeated the process.

I felt the atmosphere change. It went from dark and heavy to lighter and normal. It was a crazy night. I lied back down and went back to sleep.

I have no idea who it was that was trying to get my attention and scare me, but he didn’t win.

I’d love to hear your experiences and what you did in response. :slight_smile::blush:


He must accept your task and terrorize your enemy :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


Lol, yes!! Axactly. And leave me alone!! :smile::grin:


Its weird you mentioned fists hitting the bed next your feet. Had an angry spirit do that to me. Younger girl wanted my attention because i had gotten rid of my oujia board and she liked us and didnt like that we stopped talking to her.

Made an offering to apologize and the spirit stopped

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That’s what I did too when I was doing astral battles with parasites…
In my own authority as a god
Kicked their assess

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You guys are total badasses.


Everybody can
I believe that @ShannonS101
Or atleast what I did is
Dare my self to power
Azazel repeated this many times to me before this happened

“great power only comes through great dares”

Well @Xag_darklight,
I guess I was dared and won the challenge. After showing no fear and fighting back, he left.


This experience has made me more confident and stronger.


Thank you for sharing .
Something similar happened to me last night during a dream.

I dreamed I was with this girl that she was attacked buy a shadow being and two negative entities.
The shadow being eventually back off.
However the negative entity try to get into the house there were 2 one looking like a huge rat the size of a German Shepherd, and one looking like this

only a lot bigger and both of them seem like they have rabies

So I’ve been practicing lots of energy work lately and i made balls of enrgy light and started to throw at the negative entities they were getting more pissed off and their attention was intended towards me now and ready to charge at me.
So I charge my whole body with light and shot a huge wave of beam light, they almost got evaporated but they ran away if they would have stayed longer they would have Parish.

If I let this dreams win then I get sleep paralysis and i am under attack and I feel like I’m in a dark vortex of sandstorm and i need to call on higher power to save me last time I mention Lord Lucifer name and everything stopped

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@BeastCreature, wow. That was intense! Thank you for sharing.

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