Spiritual Advancement

Hey there!

Recently ive been going through a really depressed stage in my life and felt anxious and alot of fear basically just overtook me. I sat my self down like I normally do and have been feeling my way through it over a couple of weeks and I feel it has unveiled some sort of realization? Some sort of peace aswell, feel like i identify less with my identity from this system but more so identification with… nothing.

Also, ive lost the meaning in material pleasures and money, etc and while these arent bad and help alot its like if i dont have them its ok. Like my happiness doesnt depend on having anything.

Whats happening? Ive heard of people who go on a spiritual path tend to go this type of way where they dont really identify with anything and dont rely on material pleasures, etc.

Ive been seeing a LOAD of angel numbers aswell. LIKE A TONN, 333, 444, 111, 2222, etc. Over and over again.

I prefer my alone time over spending time with people to.

What are your thoughts? Feels like an internal change for me.


Indeed, according to the Ur Group, there is people realizing that daily comforts, the philosophy, religion etc. are limited and man is trapped within a “circle”. Some eventually ignore that, or choose a fake solution or since it’s a “risky state” commit an extreme action. Others enter the initiatory path, pursuing self knowledge and Ascent.
Likewise, Osho’s interpretation of Patanjali’s first Sutra was that one automatically enters the Yoga path as soon as there is desperation and no more hope. As a destination is then possible to aim for 1. mystical union (Atman is equal to Brahman, simply Being or better yet, surpass both being and not being) or 2. bring Heaven back to Earth (finding Nirvana in the samsara/being detached while enjoying the world/dominion over finite and infinite)

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Hello, im sorry i hope things get better for you. For the last 4 years ive also had a big depression and anxiety. Its been So Soooo hard i lost all faith … now everything is much better and spiritually i think its getting better than before these past 4 years.
You know that saying after the storm comes the sun and rainbow, things are really like that.
I’ve always loved to have my own space and alone time. But now i really enjoy it and actually need it! We have this in common, im less attached to material stuffs also. You should listen to videos from YourHigherSelf on YouTube. Its helped me alot

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Might be a “dark night of the soul”. People get them when old identifying beliefs have been broken down and you’re still figuring out who you are now they are gone.

You have spiritual support and are being reminded you are on the right track.

This is called being introverted. We live in a society that overvalues extroversion, but don’t let that get you down. :slight_smile: I’m an introvert and I wouldn’t have me any other way :smiley:


I thought it would be a dark night of the soul, thank you. Also yeah im introverted but i like to be social every now and then but i felt the need to be alone more is what i meant.