Could Anyone help me by calling and sending a spirit that likes my energy to help boost my magic and psychic abilities and talk with me I need help as I suck at evoking and need a spirit guide I always felt a connection with dragons

If you’ve felt connections with dragons, look into the draconian current. I always had a strong affinity with dragons as well. But it is not an easy path, so look into it first. As for who can help you, lucifer in his many masks is a very willing teacher, as long as you put the effort in

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You don’t think making this into a project for yourself would be more beneficial in the long run than requesting assistance from a pack of nice strangers who don’t know you intimately?

If making spiritual connection is challenging for you via evocation, try invocation, or shamanic trance, or astral projection, or just get to know the planets, elements and elemental and planetary intelligences for a while. It’s fun. :smile:

It can be helpful to train yourself to walk before attempting what you seem to view as Mt Everest… :sunrise_over_mountains: And all of those disciplines will help you develop spiritually/psychically.

For example, you can make a nice list of draconic entities, then start off with meditating on their sigils. Bringing them offerings that you believe they’ll like, then ask them if they are pleased. We all have different strengths, so if jumping directly into evocation isn’t your bag yet, experiment to see where your strengths lie.

Also, you may want to do some research to find a demon and request a nice familiar directly. You don’t have to solely evoke to communicate spiritually, after all. Nor do you need words, often messages are given and received in the language you best understand; detailed emotional impressions, strong gut feeling to do something or go somewhere, sense of intense rightness, sudden trance visualization, omens, etc.

Following omen trails is easy for me, so I do this most often. Evocation is all well and good, but the sheer amount of energy it takes makes me have to double the amount of food I eat, double the amount of time spent meditating and working yoga asanas. It’s worth it, but I certainly didn’t (couldn’t) just jump into evoking. It took somewhere in the ballpark of a year because I’m simply not am not all that visual, never have been, nor do I find it a big priority over carrying on an emotional/mental impression conversation even after dedicating all that time to learn the evoking skill. Particularly, when I began astral projection, I didn’t communicate in words because I felt them to be too imprecise and sloppy. Same with pacts.

Play to your strengths and pay close attention; the spirits/entities will assist you. For all you know, there might already be someone who likes your energy and is perfectly willing to help out hanging around you that you could meet in an astral trance. It takes time to become well rounded. :+1:



@Novicebrett Oh Sorry. I think I said I was going to do that. I will get around to it. Reply below if you are still interested. I can have them boost your magick or psychic abillities, but I can’t guarantee you will be able to communicate with them. Also, if you want me to do this, no working with Angels. Ever. These beings hate them. Also, stay away from New Age White Light stuff for the same reason. If this is still something you are interested in with all that being said then just reply. I will get back to you in about a week if the reply doesn’t come soon though. I will be occupied with other things from tomorrow onwards.

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Yes plz

@Novicebrett Check PM.