Soon I heard someone say that spirits called him in order to work with her, Is this true? If yes, how do I know they came to me? Am I seeing a dream? Or hear a sound in my head?

Just because an entity called out to him doesn’t mean they will call out to you. Whether he was telling the truth or not can’t be known because no one knows this person.

You work on your senses like you’ve been told many times already then you’ll be more open to seeing the signs or callings of an entity wanting to work with you, otherwise you’re pretty much deaf to the spiritual.


You have to work on yourself as stated above. There is no cheat or East way to do it. And once you are open it’s one hell of a ride. But you have learn the basics.

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Thank you!

How can i work with my senses?

I want start working for myself but i don’t know how…

I’ve answered this already in your threads already…why do you keep asking this?


Because I need to learn

I used the search and found nothing, I did not find a lesson.

Then read your previous threads where people already answered how you learn by reading not answering the same thing over and over. I literally told you to work on scanning since it helps with the senses.


Thank you so much!

I will not ask about the same thing again

You do. You have been told. Repeatedly.


I don’t know how to work on my senses

But now I will read and learn

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I just google road opener and this was theirs blog I found.


It requires discipline and desire to want to do this stuff. For the type of questions you’re asking it’s not anything anyone can do for you. We can guide like we have. Link the threads for you to read but in the end it falls onto you and what you need to work on.


thank you very much

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Okey Okey

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