Spirits Work In Strange Ways....You Gotta Read This!

So get this, sometimes we all enter into contests in hopes of winning a prize and if it’s something we like we may go back to that website multiple times to enter for a chance to win every day right?

So I’m on a website that I visit on occasion and they always have games for prizes and contests going on every month and I usually pass them up because the prizes are cool but not really what I like but I see a contest and for some reason I can’t help but feel compelled to enter it because the challenge was to design a clothing article and let other people vote on the one they liked best, and there would also be a 2nd place prize for the runner up. I guess since I like art and design that’s why I entered because I for damn sure ain’t the type of girl that would actually wear the first place prize.

2nd place prize was not the wearable piece but was something that you also got to design so the company said, go ahead and design this too because 1st place winner will recieve this item too and the 2nd place winner will receive just this item. I can’t give too many details as for the privacy agreement I have with this spirit so I will have to leave some things out but, I only entered into the contest ONE time and then forgot about it because like I said, not a fashion clothing kind of girl and I guess I was just bored that day and looking for something to design so I never gave it another thought.

I picked my design for both items, and I got to pick the shape, the material, the patterns in the background, the edge design, and choose a main symbol or animal to serve as the main focal point in the center of the item so it was designed by me but would be handmade by a professional who specializes in that type of material if I won. Oddly enough, when I choose the design instead of choosing like a skull with flames, which is what I normally would have done (something Goth or dark) I went against my own preferences and chose something completely opposite of what I normally like and I had no idea why but it just felt right. Even chose an animal that I normally don’t much care for and never pay attention to but again, it felt right so I went with my gut.

Get a notice a few weeks later, Congratulations! Out of the thousands of entries and designs we received, You have won 2nd place in our contest and your prize will be handcrafted by one of the best professionals in this particular industry and you will receive your item, made with your one of a kind design specfications, in the mail within the next 2 months as this item is completley molded, shaped, and etched by hand and this process can take several weeks to ensure perfection and quality craftsmanship.

Here’s where it gets WEIRD.

I only entered the contest one time and wasn’t even that interested in it, and remember I chose a design that is not something I would pick, ever. The animal and even the patterns on this thing were NOT like me at all. And this contest was not sponsored by some tiny little company, this is a major well-known national brand that gets hundreds of thousands of contest entries.

Other people entered into the contest literally hundreds of times, day in and day out, and there were other people who had more votes than I did. I won 2nd place right? Well I went searching thru the contest finalists thing that they had on their website and noticed there were 5 people ahead of me that actually got more votes on their designs than what I got yet somehow, it’s like the company that sponsored the contest just looked right past them even though these were clearly visible, it’s like they were literally invisible to the company sponsoring this contest. They ignored the 5 people who were in front of me and chose me as 2nd place winner instead. Who knows, maybe the other people cheated somehow and got disqualified?

So anyway, I’m working on something right now with a spirit, a very lengthy pact that requires a lot of back and forth communication between us. Flash forward to a few months later. About a week before I received my prize in the mail this spirit kept showing itself to me in a form that is not common at all for this particular entity. Honestly, when it started showing itself to me like this I thought it may have been an imposter but I went thru all the steps of asking it to identify itself and could even feel the energy it was putting off and yes, it was the real entity, not an imposter. So why on earth was this entity revealing itself to me with his head suddenly morphed into the shape of an animal?

I couldn’t figure it out but that detail just stuck in my mind and I pondered on it non-stop like it must have meant something important. The day that my prize arrives in the mail, at first I was like cool, now I can sell it because I will never use it and this thing would probably fetch me $200 easily and all of a sudden I hear the spirit I’m working with say “NO! Don’t sell that, keep it, it will be very important to you soon enough.” And with no explanation, as soon as he appeared to speak to me, he was gone in a flash again.

Then something dawns on me, Holy shit, the animal I chose to put on my prize is the same damn animal that spirit was morphing into for the last few weeks, now I know why he was changing his appearance into an animal, he was trying to tell me that he persuaded me to choose that particular animal and come to find out, he manipulated the entire contest because he wanted me to win so I could get that prize, and he wanted me to choose that specific animal, because all along, he wanted that prize to serve a purpose for that project we are working on.

Then it all made sense to me, why he would want that particular item for this project because it really is perfect for this. Still not sure why he chose that particular animal that he did because this animal is not usually associated with this spirit but I guess I will find that out soon enough.

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That’s SO cool, I love it when something really long-running and utterly weird turns out to be for some really cool magickal reason! :slight_smile: