Spirits wont talk to me anymore

In the beginning they were easy to talk to. Lilith was the one to contact me and lucifer talked to me as I contacted him. I dont seem to possess this ability anymore. Any advice?

What happened? Can you elaborate a little bit more? Could help to give you some better fitting advice.

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they suddenly broke contact with me some time ago. It was easy to see lucifer in my minds eye aswell as lilith. They talked to me and gave me advice but it seems that they either wont talk to me as they want me to figure things out on my own or I have lost the ability. When I invoke I feel the energy in me aswell as around me and get increased intuitive hints and knowledge through my third eye vision but they wont talk to me directly

Might be the opposite , you might be improving more than ever before and they are simply giving you time to mature

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They wanted you to do something, part of the great work? Probably you said no? There are some crucial moments, cuantum moments where even saying hello to a stranger is a part of their agenda.


Practice for yourself then try again when you’re clairs are more developed again, and remember these beings have their own lives and responsibilities and aren’t obligated to speak to anyone here.


You can always try writting them some poetry. There’s a page just for that.

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I recently had that difficulty with scrying spirits even though I could still feel there presence and hear them in my mind. It happened when I summoned Andomalus to bring back my stolen car. I got concerned about ethics and that I was letting off thieves too easy. I sat and worried about having conflicting moral values. Eventually the conflict

Sometimes their are gaps in contact… my last one was very intense and they’ve been a bit quiet since then.

Did you ever get back your car ?

Yeah, I did get back the car. My husband did not want to pursue getting the money wasted on trips because of the stolen car back from the insurance company (even though it was covered.) I just can’t see the justification to either have to drive 3 hours or live in some expensive slum just to have some so called “bleeding edge” job in the tech industry.