Spirits with no small talk

This is pretty much a copy and paste from my reply to the Super Blood Moon thread. Today I performed this ritual that I was looking forward for a while. I felt sleepy afterwards. I did a 24 hour fasting period, haven’t had any sexual experiences in the last 12 days, meditated in a mindful way before, did a LBRP, got my gear right on it, and summoned a Goetia spirit that I’ve planned to summon a while ago for an specific purpose.

I’ve also set my alarm clock to know what time the full eclipse would happen according to my time zone, unfortunately I’m in a location where we couldn’t see the eclipse at all, but I knew that regardless, it impacted the whole planet.

So, since I’m a beginner (just 1 year doing magick - baby steps), and haven’t practiced magick in the last ten days, I felt a bit skeptic, but went on anyway.

When I summoned the spirit I felt the presence, but my LBPR was so strong and kept me so safe, I wasn’t so sure if the presence was truly an ethereal presence since the spirit’s nature is regarded as strong by others that have summoned him.

But I believed he was there, he was pretty direct and polite, and said that he already knew what I was going to ask him, he said he would do it with pleasure, I asked anyway to make it “formal”. We made a pact, nothing impossible to deliver, and sent him to his task. I banished again. And now I’ll let go of this request and be patient, so the magick is manifested. I don’t think will be an easy task to accomplish, so I’ll give it a few months. Unfortunately patience is not my strong suit, but I’m slowly learning to detach from this, so my magick is more likely to occur.

It is the second time I’ve summoned a spirit that does that, being are direct as they can be, no small talk. I’ve thought they would like to talk for a brief moment or ask questions, but I was wrong, they were pretty straight forward. Which I thought it was quite cool.

Did anyone evoking a Goetia spirit also had this sort of “What do you wish from me?” Then you say or think about your request, and the spirit just sort of confirms it and says ok, I’ll do it.

I’ve found quite interesting.


Yes, I find a few spirits act like this.

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Why don’t you just ask them politely if they are up for a talk ?

Usually IMO there’s not much point, spirits will answer any direct questions, it’s only if you grow closer that you’ll be be interested in what each other thinks beyond the straightforward business at hand.

They can have some pretty weird views on things as well, not outright inaccurate so much as seen through one specific lens, like talking to a very fanatical person with strong views on politics/society, who can’t even reply about a recipe without making it into a rant about their worldview!

Astral trekkies… :sunglasses:


When I did my first evocation to King Paimon I was not able to hear or see spirits and still can’t. Only a day or two after I made my request it was fulfilled.