Spirit's way of trying to reach out?

Hey guys… I just wanna share something that’s been happening for the whole of this week

I kid you not I’ve been on this forum every day since the beginning of the week and I’ve never seen a Spirit’s name pop up as much as Azazel’s. Trust me I’ve been on here for a while and this never happened. Even when i’m not on the forum and I would go on youtube for instance and boom Azazel all over from new youtube channels that I’ve discovered and subscribed to.

Lol again today just logged in and came across an old thread and boom 3 post back to back with his name. Please tell me if I’m not being crazy or if he is trying to reach out for me to make contact and introduce myself? Your insight would be highly appreciated thanks.


Well, Azazel is a commonly worked with fallen angel. However, if you feel an extreme attraction to him and his name, and are constantly seeing synchronicities it’s work checking to see if he may be.

Maybe ask for clearer signs or if you have divination tools use them. :smiley:


All these signs…Just reach out to him :woman_shrugging:t6:

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Try to contact him and ask the meaning of it. It seems like he has something for you

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It sounds like you want this to be true, or your intuition is telling you it is. I see Lucifer’s name constantly and I don’t feel called to work with him.
Either way reach out and try it.

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at this point i’m really not sure but it just pops up. the thought of working with him never crossed my mind and i was never interested in the first place… but with the events that was happening this week i just couldn’t escape it. :man_shrugging:

but i’ll introduce myself and see where it’ll take me from there. i mean it wouldnt hurt right.