Spirits to open/close paths. *URGENT*

I’m at a critical time in my life and need some help with what paths to take. Any suggestions for spirits who specializes with this type of thing

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Thanks in advance for any help you all provide :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heart:

Sorry but I have to make a choice by tomorrow

What are you being drawn to would be my first question? Most pantheons have a god/goddess of magick that can help with guidance. Thoth is the first that comes to mind, Hermes, hekate ect. Just depends largely on what you are pulled towards.

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Music music music. Writing and performing

If its what your passionate about and have the drive to carry it out threw the possibly rough start like any foundation period id say go with your passion :sunglasses:

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Have you considered Apollo? Not only is he a god of music but he was said to be in league with the nine muses. @dagar


I have always been a fan of the Greek pantheon

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Also King Paimon came to mind reading this, he has a very godlike dignified demeanour so mentioning him in case the suggestion helps. :+1:


Papa legba, Eshu, Hekate, Unisis (described in the forum), La Sirene, Sirens in general, Mercury (instruments and writing) can all help in this situation.

Or if you would like more suggestions, feel free to ask.