Spirits to help out a closeted trans man?

I’ll just get this out of the way first and say I don’t want to start any debates about the topic or anything like that. From my limited experience on this forum, I feel like it’s unlikely that anything too nasty will happen, but I wanna make that clear just in case.

My parents and a good deal of my family won’t accept that I’m a man. I’ve attempted to come out before, yet I was completely shut down and punished for it. If I were to start transitioning, I would be cut off from them, which I absolutely do not want since my main source of income comes from working in the family business. I would be in an incredibly difficult situation in which I wouldn’t be able to transition anyway. That, and I don’t want to be cut off from the people I love, despite their attitudes towards this.

I’m wondering if there is anyone or anything out there that can make them more accepting of me. It would be the best solution for me, in my mind, but if anyone else has suggestions for alternatives then I’m willing to listen.


Bael makes you hide in plain sight, become unnoticed, this might help to avoid confrontations during your process and may make it easier overall for you to be accepted

Zagan helps with change, he can help you gain confidence and help to change your parent’s mind. He may also help with physical changes but I haven’t tried.

I believe Dantalion is good at changing minds but I have only a little experience with him, he may be able to help them with accepting you. Amon is supposedly good with reconciliation and making people contact you, if you want to make up with your family.


Thank you! I’ll look into them.

And don’t forget King Paimon he is very good at manipulating people.


Paimon or Dantalion.
The only thing you need to do is change their thoughts towards you


Going to make this quick and easy with steps.
1.Make Multiple Servator’s do research on how they are made make one dedicated to Estrogen and Hormones and create a Hierarchy with her at the top with with two other Servator’s that will Assist the main Servator make these Servator’s have the same powers of the main one but split up into two different Servator’s. This will boost the power of this Servator you also might want to make a Servator to help boost spiritual power and another Divination and spiritual communication skills
2.Work with Marbas and Ose they will help with both Physical and spiritual change Marbas for Shape and Ose for Transformation but warning Physical transformation takes years of pratice so start with Spiritual to help make you feels or think more feminine you can probably even get Marbas to help change your Testosterone to Estrogen this is were you will need the aid of Servator’s.
3.after Invoking and getting the aid of Marbas and Ose do some work with Hera and build a relationship with her your Servator’s will also aid you in this and be patient because it takes time to learn and progress in all of these steps.
Between working with the Servators,Marbas,Ose and Hera it should help you with mostly any Transgendered needs you can even add Paimon in on the mix for more mental stuff.

Marbas will help get you on the track for prescription Estrogen and believe he has helped me with my up coming appointment.

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