Spirits to enslave someone

Who are the spirits that will subdue someone to you, bind all their loyalty and life to me?

And if you have any experience with the spirit you suggest, could you tell me? I want to know.

It’s not my area, but I’ma fan of the author Corwin Hargroves, who’s Goetia Pathworking book is my Goetia Goto… now he has a book on The Magic of Influence: control and dominate with the forces of darkness.

You might try that and let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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I have this book, but I do not understand the hours of the liturgy. Do you mind if I do the rituals outside of the ritual hours?

Try the Anima Sola Intranquil spirit. She’s a hoot! But seriously, I employed her once for that very case, worked a little too well in hindsight.

Google the Anima Sola image, light red candles for her, offer her cologne, Florida water, fruit, cake. Tell her to not let your target sleep or eat nor think without you being present in their mind. Command her to bring you their loyalty, down on their knees in front of your feet.

It’s straight up curse work, nothing nice about it, so obvs the usual warnings about whether this is really what you want from the target.

Good luck!


Seeing your success with Ophiel, I did the ritual and succeeded.

Did this asset you suggested to me bring you success, yes I can follow your advice, after all I did it once and saw the same result as you.

Yes it did, but it worked too well.

how long did it take you to see results.

Interesting. I’ve just some reading about her. Most of the materials I find seem to indicate that her use is exclusively for targeting former lovers. Can you advise if this is consistent with your experience, or can she employed to engage someone who is not a former lover? Such as a former friend who betrayed one thoroughly.

There also seem to be a variety of rituals for employing her, of varying complexity and type. Wondering if there is a specific ritual process you would recommend.

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One month more of less. But as I said she works very intensely and it’s less about love and more about obsession, in my experience with her.


When I employed her powers, I used her to make a recalcitrant former lover stick to me like hot glue.

In hindsight, it was the worst possible thing I could have done, given who he turned out to be.

Tons of ways of working with her, I created an altar for her, and had lights set on my target 24/7. At the same time I was also throwing powders on them, and secreting bodily fluids into their food.

I went hard and fast and it was definite overkill, but the Anima Sola came through and the obsession last a long time after I had lost interest in them and move away.


Many thanks for the detailed reply, that is useful. As it seems exclusively former lover focused it is likely unsuited to the objective I was considering it for.
Very interesting to hear of your experiences and results though, thanks again


So I can bring an old friend as a slave instead of a lover?

I thought of trying this but I saw tons of posts saying to NOT do this at all costs that intraquil spirit can backfire on the caster and it can be tormented misery that can’t even be undone. There are horrifying warnings regarding it because it is essentially sending a tormented soul from purgatory or hell to haunt and torture the target into submission until they are destroyed by the time they come back to you. I actually really wanted to try it on someone who I am in love with that put me through deep pain but I don’t know how I can prepare for those consequences? I have no experience with any of this, how on earth did you protect yourself from backlash and just in general? Are you experienced with doing all this? Also what did you mean by ‘bodily secretions’ on the alter… did you actually urinate on it??

If the purpose is to torment them with love obsession for you then yes, objectively speaking. Try it and see.

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Bodily secretions in this case was my urine and menses in his food and drink. This old style magick is found in Hoodoo and Filipino Kulam. Just a tiny drop. It compels the target to obsess over you and fall under your influence. It’s well documented that women put a drop of their menstrual blood in their men or women’s food to make them faithful. Just read Harry M. Hyatt’s ‘Hoodoo Conjuration Witchcraft Rootwork’ and you’ll never accept dumplings or spaghetti from someone again!

Yes I have worked the ritual a few times. Everyone’s result is going to be highly personal, and the best thing to do is simply dismiss the horror stories and dire warnings and just do the work if that’s what you want. Only then I suppose will you know if it’s worked, or not.

Fear can be it’s on backlash. Just do the magick, perhaps learn some solid Banishing rituals. Set up protections and wards.

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omg are you serious? I thought this was a target that you weren’t involved with, how on earth did you mix menses and urine before feeding it to him? And he didn’t notice anything and you didn’t tell him I’m assuming? Even if that theoretically worked I could not stomach making someone eat that to be honest… I did hear of this before it’s an ancient thing women did to keep their men faithful although I don’t know anyone in real life who told me such a thing to really keep account of that being a factual reality but that is crazy. I wonder what about adding menstrual blood and urine makes a man crazy like that and does it work the other way around male urine for women??.. I also thought you had to be gifted or have some experience with the occult, or would it technically work for ANY woman trying this?

I don’t know how to do banishing or protection rituals for this though, what should I do to prepare? And have you done this work for anyone else and is there any way of reversing this spell if something goes wrong? Whatever became of that obsessed guy for you in the end and how long did it take to see the immediate effect on him?.. I was also wondering how many times you did the ritual or if it was just once and would you say it is safe for beginners to even try this?..

I also wasn’t sure if anima sola and intraquil spirit is exactly the same thing or not that was confusing me and been trying to do research.