Spirits to avoid drought

Dear BALG,

My country may be going through a drought and, since I’m focused on agriculture, I would like to know if there are any spirits to avoid this, not only for myself but for my whole country potentially.

The only spirit that comes to my mind is Nixsa, the Elemental King of Water.

Are there any spirits that focus on this kind of work?


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I have actually also been searching lately, there are plenty of deities who can cause rainfall, but I haven’t found other kinds of spirits so far…
But a spirit may not actually be needed, I’ve heard chaos magick sigils are actually quite good for this, you could even turn it into a talisman. Only issue with using magick to cause rainfall - it would likely only affect your local area or city. So you can make your local area prosper, possibly even your city with enough work, but making the whole country prosper will be a lot tougher…

As for deities who can cause rainfall, there are plenty. Freyr immediately comes to mind

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J.S. Garrett spoke of Shemyaza being able to help with droughts! If I can find the youtube video I’ll edit it into this post. Also, its nothing that’ll work for an entire nation but I’ve heard of a spell you can do with a red jasper crystal. My phone is doing that “lets be as hot as the sun” thing so I gotta take little break but I’ll gather the information I spoke of and edit it in here when I return. Thank.you.


Okay okay, I fell asleep and when I woke up I forgot. Heres the information I was refrencing.

Thank you.

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I would say spirits that actually cause drought would be a good option. Think about, who better to work with to learn how to avoid disasters than those credited to cause them?

There are also a variety of rain and agriculture deities to look at as well


There is a Solomonic seal that is said to control the weather and cause rain-
the 6th pentacle of the moon.


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I’ll check it and see what I can do

Yes, I’ve heard that spirits that specialize in a certain area also specialize in the opposite of it due to the Law of Polarity.

Ishtar (Inanna) was considered a goddess of agriculture and fertility rites were made in their name.

I’ll see what I can do

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Osiris, Horus, Cernunnos is a God of the sky as well as nature (fertility and agriculture) said to command storms in some cases. Set is a sky/storm God as well, Anu the Sumerian God, a few storm fae as well.