Spirits to aid in animal communication

I was wondering if the forum knows of any spirits that will aid or grant the ability of animal communication. I have a little kitten I want to talk to. He’s acting really weird ever since I’ve been evoking and I want to ask him personally what’s going on.

Ask Bastet? Egyptian cat goddess…


I’ve asked her to help raise the little guy. After that he seemed to grow a lot faster, was eating more and seemed to have an overall increased vitality. Any other spirits you can think of? Barbatos comes to mind


Barbetos seems a good choice


Here is a simple spell taken from Christopher Peczak’s book Instant Magick. He’s Wiccan but I’m sure you can adapt as you see fit. It also includes some correspondences to aid if you like.

I highly recommend his stuff. He’s a great writer and, even though he is RHP, he doesn’t lecture or moralize.

Animal Communication

Intention: To send and receive information between you and an animal, usually domesticated.
Colors: Blue, Brown
Triplicy: Mutable
Element: Air, Earth
Chakra: Belly, Throat
Planet: Mercury, Earth, Moon

Entities: Many deities are associated with specific animal allies, while others are patrons of the entire animal kingdom.
Many suitable gods include Artemis, Diana, Cybele, Heckate, Athena, Bast, Sehkmet, Innana, Rhiannon, Freyja, Frigga,
Cerridwen, Pan, Poseidon, Faunus, Mercury, Hermes, Anubis, Thor, Odin, Freyr, and Indra. The archangel of
communication is Raphael. Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals. The animal spirit of the particular animal
with whom you wish to communicate. Lapis and Turquoise stone spirits. Catnip plant spirit.

Words: I hear and speak the wisdom of the animal world.

Description: Mages, witches and shamans are known for their link to the animal world, being able to empathize and
communicate with animals. You don’t hat have to be a fully initiated shaman to connect with a loved pet, but this technique can help you have greater, clear communication, both with domesticated animals and those you might safely encounter in the wild.

In a meditative state, take a few deep breaths and focus your attention on the animal in question. Imagine a link of blue light connecting the two of you. The connecting line can be through the air, or though the land beneath you. It is important not to think of the connection as too projective or threatening, rather a soft and steady connection to the animal.
Imagine this as your “phone” line, translating your communications back and forth. Think your message in words, or better yet, in pictures. Allow the response to come to you. It too might be words or pictures. Animals, particularly wild ones, don’t recognize the words we use, but our psyche can seem to translate the message into ways we understand. I’vehad full fledged conversations with insects as well as four legged friends.
When done, say farewell and imagine the energetic link dissolving away harmless.

@Lady_Eva, please let me know if posting this spell violates the rules on copyright. (I think it fits under fair use, but could be mistaken),


I heard somewhere that cats were sacred to Haagenti. You would have to do some research though

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I appreciate the time taken for this. I’ll definitely give it a shot. Thank you.

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Haagenti works with alchemy right? That’s interesting

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Yes he does. I remember reading it somewhere that he is protective of felines and appreciates if you have one.


Camio and Barbatos

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