Spirits that shouldn't be there and don't go away

Hi all! You see, I would like to ask you for help.

I have a spirit that gets into everything I do, whether it’s talking to a deity, to a dead person I want to talk to … I do not know just about him, only that he is a man and religious.

I would like to know what techniques you have to cast spirits that should not be there … I begin to think that my seals of protection depending on which spirits are not sufficient for me.

And also ask you what I can carry that protects me as much as possible. I feel like everything I do is too small as it advanced in witchcraft. Thank you very much for your time!

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What methods are you currently using?

I seal doors and windows in my magical space, I close circles, I make a simple traditional witch compass, visualization …

Do you banish? It can help clear the space.

I found the one about the minor banishment ritual with a pentagram, but I see the name of yahweh… and it’s not a character I want to have a relationship with, therefore I’ve never used it. I suppose I clean in a very basic way with symbols in the air, water and salt, incense sticks, palo santo, visualization … and maybe that’s my problem.

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What’s worked for me, apart from using benign neglect, is to attack him. Full on, try to kill him. You probably won’t hurt him much at all, and he’ll get the message (and be all offended) and bugger off and bother someone else.

Many times I insult those who come and go, but the truth is that I do not seek to disturb them, I simply want them to leave me alone, and work at ease. And above all that they do not stay partying at my house xD

I started with the Rite of Hecat from the book Protection and Reversal Magick by Jason Miller. I don’t know if there is a Spanish translation. It uses Hecate, instead of archangels.

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I work with Hecate :black_heart: (no job with any angels) and I’m just reading that book now !! Do you think he will help me with all this? thank you :pleading_face::black_heart:

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If something’s pestering you, then the banishing should help. I don’t use it to get rid of all energy, just the energy I don’t want in my area (or pestering me like a nuisance).

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I try with this rite, thank u so much :black_heart:

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You’re welcome.

At this point, I don’t always call the guardians, but did when I first started using it. Instead of a circle, I draw it around the townhouse I live in and include the sky above it and the ground below it, about the same length as the house.

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