Spirits that help finding new home

Hello everyone, I’m thinking about moving and need to find a place fast, I have seen the sector to which I’ll move, but not the specific location.

What entity helps with this kind of thing? Say, moving, finding, changing home or places to live?

I would greatly appreciate the help.

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Hey magusnegris!

A while back I was in need of finding housing in a small college town I was attending school in. However, I was very late to start looking for a place to stay- and most all of the good housing was already long taken. What was left was female housing (and Im male btw), housing with terrible locations, or housing too expensive for me to afford.
I only had a handful of days to get my place of residence in order. I tried going through the schools housing lists, online lists- things were not looking good. I did basic sigil magick using this sigil of Halah’thor (found in the Book of Azazel pg 146) shown above ^. I focused on the goal of manifesting excellent housing in my life. Within twenty four hours I had a private room for $250 a month- one of the landlords in town had been out of state and due to general miscommunication, the available rooms had gone completely unlisted for months. The landlord had arrived back in town and was in a rush to fill the remaining rooms before the school year began. I signed the contract. In the ensuing months, I found my roommates to be easy to live with, the place was very clean, the environment was hassle free and in conclusion- I enjoyed excellent housing indeed.

So I hope this helps and wish you well!


Hail Azazel!


Thank you for your inspiring story and congratulations on your result, I will contact the spirit!