Spirits that have been around you since Birth?


I have vampyric spirit around me since birth. It communicate with in dreams ,felt there presence ,hissing sound, seen image it appeared vampyric way .at that time i didnt new it was vampyre spirit demon .til i older i always had vampyric dreams , til this day i never had normal dreams .


I’m pretty sure I’ve had one around since birth or at least since childhood. Not sure which or who yet. I’m in the process of figuring that out. I’ve has a few come to me since I’ve gotten more into magic, so that makes it a little more confusing in narrowing it down.

I remember when I was a kid though, this spirit would appear to me on the astral plane as a nice old man most of the time and he would guide me around at times and once pulled me out of a bad situation. I also used to have “meetings” with this spirit…I don’t know how else to describe it. He would take us to this big empty marble room with these huge pillars everywhere, and he’d teach me things about life, my psychic abilities, astral projection, etc. He always appeared to me looking like Hiram Lodge off of Riverdale, or that’s what my brain is associating his appearance as having been right now, whenever we met under those circumstances.

I can also recall once that I nearly got in a serious car accident, hit some loose gravel and started to lose control of my car at 70mph. I had no idea how to regain control and at that point was just looking for a spot where the ditch was shallow and trying to minimize the damage the best I could. I really have no clue what happened. My body felt like pins and needles everywhere and I was steering the car but I wasn’t consciously doing it, and somehow managed to regain control. That was years ago and I still feel like something intervened in that split second and helped me.

I’m thinking MAYBE Azazel or Bael at this point but I really don’t know for sure yet.


Azazel… because once you consider him, he always was with you.


I’m pretty sure that the attention of Bog Veles goes back a bit farther than I think. Because one of the reasons I cried when I met him a few days ago was because he felt so familiar, he felt like my dad. And my dad died when I was 12. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I think my dad may have introduced us.


You have mentioned that your father had Russian Blood so that could be the reason🤔


Yes I have. I had an “invisible friend” Stan, that was wasn’t so invisible when my mom started seeing him too. I see spirits here and there, but I’m good at blocking. I got really sick and until I have a level of mastery, I don’t think I should try to open up…


Is that a thing? I do get the vibe that this entity has always been around, mostly passively, but maybe subtly pulling me towards the occult and waiting for me to make that leap.


You have a very good memory, and yes. My Father’s family escaped from Russia when Stalin came into power. My Grandfather was murdered by the border guards. But everyone else escaped. He is my tie to the Slavic people.


My condolences for your grandfather❤️

Keep up the good work. Something tells me that you’re gonna bring Slavic Paganism back into the spotlight.


It’s already in the spotlight in Slavic nations, Rodnovery temples are fairly common.


Interesting, I never knew this :thinking:

The only Slavic deity I’ve heard off was Baba Vanga


One of my guardian demons have been with me since birth. Belial is now one of my guardians and my patron. Hail Belial!


I believe you’re referring to Baba Yaga, the old crone who lives in the woods in a hut on chicken legs who flies around in a mortar and pestle and likes to eat children. She’s not a bog, she’s just a character from Slavic folklore.

Baba Vanga was a mystic with the ability to tell the future, definitely not a bog.

The most popular Bogi are: Bog Rod, Creator of All Things; Bog Svarog, Bog of the Forge; Xors Dazhbog (AKA Bog Jarilo), Bog of the Sun and The fertility of Spring, and Son of Bog Svarog; Bog Perun, Bog of Thunder, Oaks, and Son of Bog Svarog; Bog Mokosh, wife of Bog Perun and only female Bog, she is Bog of Fertility and Spinning; and Bog Veles, Bog of Cattle, Nav (the Underworld), and Magic.

Slava Bogum!


Yes that’s who I was referring too


Hmmm I remember when I wanted to see if I had a “guardian” demon so to speak but afaik i don’t have a spirit that’s been with me since birth. According to the birth chart though , if a goetia was to be my guardian it’d be one of the darkest ones