Spirits that have been around you since Birth?


Dont get me started on that :joy::joy::joy:

At least our Gods prevent us from going insane sometimes.


Last time when I evoked Thor, I heard “Maaan don’t be cheap son of bitch go get some coffee”, while I was doing it he was just chilly swinging his hammer :joy:


That sounds cool​:joy::joy::joy:


Well that’s what Thor do, drink mead, brawl, hunt on giants and joke :joy:


He’s one of those deities I feel that you want on your side, not as an enemy.


Indeed, a dark side of Norse gods is making demons looking like children lol.


Same though and it’s still there but I haven’t actually seen it I just know that it’s there. I have a cat and I think she knows too only she freaks out more than me when the entity is around. Something very unnerving about it like you feel an intense urge to do something bad.


You should see some Hindu Gods. I’ve heard countless stories of people failing to perform their prayers and just being destroyed…

I still like them regardless but just avoid working with them


In the last 2 days I went to sleep with Azazel’s sigil under my pillow on the first day and Lucifer’s sigil on the second day and in there two days I had crazy dreams with bad things and then I woke up felling a very dark energy around me, the darkest I ever felt, I even feel it want’s to do something bad to me but at the sime time I feel that it is there just to make me stronger, make me kinda go against it so that after that I can Ascend, I don’t know. And, this might not have something to do with these entities, but I’m at university and since the beggining of 2019 that I feel that some people around me, who I didn’t like a lot, started kinda despising me and I don’t know if 2019 is bringing something powerful towards me for Ascending, because there are these people who despise me now and the other people who seem to like me even more and want me around them.
I would like to know if someone else feels this happening this year.


I can’t really say for sure because I have bad dreams like every night since I was a kid. But yeah 2019 has definitely given me a bad feeling and what feels like extra bad dreams, they got more realistic and now I can hardly tell dreams from reality. Whatcha to me is the most scary about it.


Archangel Camael (it literally just occurred to me that I keep spelling it with a k lol) is my guardian angel and has been around since my birth. I didn’t become fully aware of him until after my 20th birthday. There were times in the middle of the night where I felt like there was a malevolent unseen presence lurking around in my room. I felt that if I had moved an inch, it would kill me. Camael would often show himself to reassure me that he wouldn’t let them harm me and help me fall back asleep.

I later tried auto-writing to find out his identity. When I guessed his name correctly, I felt a suddenly overwhelmed with joy and a bright light filled the room. I knew then that I was right about his identity.

Even if we don’t talk to each other, he’s always by my side guarding my soul from anything that would try to destroy it.


Does this Spirit physically harm you?


I believe that I have three: a female lunar/nature spirit, an incubus/male spirit lover, and an androgynous spirit who can best be described as an ET. The first first came to me while I was moon-gazing as a kid, the second has been pursuing/wooing me since puberty but was present before then, and the third came into my awareness one night while I was gazing at the Orion constellation (though I recognized them from past conversations I had with “someone” from childhood).


Not usually but I will wake up with cuts and bruises on my arms and legs but that’s rare for me.


You need to communicate with this Spirit. I don’t think it wants to hurt you but is trying to get your attention


Ok any ideas of how I could do that?


Probably Satan or Lucifer I don’t know all I know since I was a Christian I got random wake up calls


Oh and for whatever reason I have been connected to the moon somehow like apparently when I was little about 5 or so I would talk to it and when it would disappear I would scream and cry like I was being murdered or the world was ending really weird and for whatever reason one night I stopped like no more talking to the moon, no more screaming or crying when it would disappear. Maybe I just realized that that was normal or idk but I just think that that was very weird
And as far as I know other people haven’t had that happen. Unless there talking about the moon children cult which is a fake scary story like Ben drowned or Jeff the killer. I’m just confused :sweat_smile:


Simply ask the Spirit in a polite way.


So after today I’m convinced that 3 have watched over me since Birth.

Astaroth, Beelzebub and Samael.