Spirits that have been around you since Birth?


How many of you have Spirits who have been around you since you were a child? Also how did you find out about them?


I was raised Christian by my parents until I was eighteen years old. Pentecostal to be exact. The name Lucifer was one I knew very well from a young age. Last year I began scrying into his sigil and one night, a scent came to me that triggered certain memories. I followed them all the way back into my childhood and had a strong sense that something was saying, “I’ve been with you since the moment your parents told you who I was.”
I had a passenger along for the ride with me for the next couple weeks. Good times. I love good ol’ Lucifer a whole lot :slight_smile:


:thinking: I found out pretty recently that king paimon and azazel where in my life since birth! I have always known that spirits runs in my family and we strongly believe in “Jinn”… my family are religious so they try to stay away from the scary unknown! :woman_shrugging: and am here making friends! They made it sounds terrifying but the boogeyman isn’t so bad after all!


Well I am pretty sure about Odin and Freya the rest is hard to tell lol.


I’ve been struggling to find those who were with me from birth. My connections change like crazy but I’m not greedy (I don’t use Spirits) I’m just curious.

Perhaps since I’ve always had a link to Egypt and Greece I should try there? I think Astaroth and Samael where here as well…


That’s a beautiful story❤️


And the Award for the best comment goes too MiKu​:grin::trophy:


Both are quite awesome. I’m gonna assume that you’re a Warrior!


:sweat_smile: lol! Thanks


Yep, Odin is pretty much sadist that very well knows how sadly world looks lol, but Freya feels more like a good mother.


I suppose that’s the Price of Infinite Wisdom. Regardless The Allfather teaches us one lesson and that’s don’t stop until your desire is achieved. In his case Wisdom.


Allfather mainly teaches how the world looks like when you need to solve cases, he makes you fall and crawl like a worm until you will find strength in your self and reborn 2x stronger. Freya is well, one of the warmest beings I ever knew, though she has a fire that could kill if she doesn’t like someone. Allfather is complicated, he is always serious and got this poker face.


The most importarnt thing I learned from him, that there is always sacriface, to obtain something you need to give something in return.


Hey, so since I was a little kid that I felt a presence with me during the night. I was always very afraid because I felt like I was almost always being watched when I was alone in a dark place. Then I started hearing the voice of my grandmother, who is still alive, asking me for help, but the voice was kinda rough so I knew it wasn’t her and it was in the middle of the night so impossible to be her, so then she just screamed and vanished. Then one tim I wake up at 5 am and I don’t know why but I was almost in a perfect position, like if someone grabbed me and put me in that position. So I was with my belly to the top and my arms out of the blankets by my side, and then I look at the door and there’s my mom, well, it wasn’t really my mom, it was an entity trying to be my mother and so I tryied to see if it was really her but it wasn’t and she had a strange smile, like if I she knew she was going to get me, and so I started calling my real mother and that entity started making signals with her hands saying “no” so that I wouldn’t call my mom but I continued calling and that entity went away to the corridor. So the last years have been always with a woman or something again in my room, she has a dress but is dirty and I can’t see the face because she has her hair in front and everytime I woke up in the middle of the night and felt my feet cold and a bad feeling in the room I would look to that same spot everytime and she was there not moving. The last time I saw her she was looking to the corridor and she had dressed what was at that time one of my favourite jackets. Since then I only used it 3 times at the most.
So yeah, I don’t know who is it that has been with me but since those presences weren’t very friendly I just didn0t want them in my life.


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I do have one entity that hangs out around me but I’m not sure what it is I know that it’s there because it gives off a dark aura, also ever since it came around I have been able to do this weird but kind of cool reverse psychology thing we’re if I need something I just think that I don’t want it and then it will happen, but I can only do the thing for a couple days before it stops working so I don’t use it for another day and it’s back on and working again. If anyone knows what this is then please let me know🙂


That’s the core of Magick in my opinion. We give up time and energy in order to achieve a result.

I enjoy Loki though, he teaches us that some humor never hurts :stuck_out_tongue:


I gotta introduce you to Thor someday then, his humor is crazy lol


I guess I wanted to say that we don’t even give time and energy, those who are really gaining power suffer a lot, as Jesus did or Odin, but someday it’s ending and you go to heaven like Jeez :joy:, or you have all secret power like Odin.


Funny that you mention this as I was born on a Thorsday :3