Spirits that can erase data about you


Do you guys know any entities that can delete data about you? I got some debt to pay. I got the money but I want to do an experiment and actually test the limits of my powers. I’d like to do an evocation and take care of it that way. So, any suggestions. Help is very much appreciated.


One thought that comes to mind is to have king paimon influence one of the lowly desk jockey bureaucrats to accidentally delete the information or lose some paper work along the way.


It’s funny that you’ve mentioned Paimon for this and I agree.


Like funny haha or funny interesting? lol I’ve been told my ideas are a little bit of both. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys.


Well, with that name you’ve actually hit the nail on the head when comes to answer RedIce’s question, so there’s nothing ‘haha’ about it.



Would this work on ‘Any’ type of debt?




Would this work on ‘Any’ type of debt?


Yes Japarez this should work on any kind of debt. Look King Paimon up in the Goetia. His attributes are most beneficial to situations where it comes to influencing others and situating things the way you want them to be.


Hmm, have to keep this in mind. I also have some stuff that I would like to get lost.


Don’t we all, BRAN, don’t we all… what Mage worth his salt DOESN"T have a little ‘baggage’ - mayhap even a skeleton or three… :wink: Z


… or four.