Spirits that attach themselves to people

There are plenty of malevolent spirits that attach themselves to people who visit a particular area to torment them. How come I haven’t heard of any benevolent spirits that attach themselves to people so they can (in some way) help them after those people visit a particular area? If there are, can I summon some and place them at certain areas to help out the people who go there?

I want to place a few at my school.

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You probably have and they just don’t fit that model… Look up “helping spirits” and guardians, power animals and brownies, hearth goblins and fairy godmothers, ascended masters etc.

Well, you can ask nicely, and you probably already have some. These are not in a hierarchical control system, they help because they want to and are waiting to be invited. But you have to ask, because they follow rules that say they can’t impose help.

You can also create thoughtforms to do this.

You can use the tutorial here to see how: