Spirits that are not egregores

Can we have a list of spirits that are known (or at least thought to be) more than egregors and have been around longer than humans.
Much appreciated

technically everything is an egregore, but ill give the information you asked for

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Good luck on that. Even EA said that most if not all the spirits are egregors of some kind. @Nagathex beat me to it!

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at least that’s what i know of.

but yeah, everything is of our mind thus egregious

Thanks for elaborating. I erroneously assumed that enteties like Thoth/Tehuti were doing their own thing previously also entities such as jinn, Nordic reptilian and other aliens had their own thing going before we made contact. Or do they not count as spirits even though they can be evoked?

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if we are to refer to aliens, the are both physical and non physical beings.

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anything, anyone and everything can be evoked and invoked no matter what this is including but not limited to, abstract concepts such as death, both living and dead humans, gods, demons, angels, monsters, aliens, videogame and tv characters, the list literally goes on for infinity

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the whole “most spirits are egregores” thing is mostly true. however when we take into account that ALOT of gods we see in historical records are actually magicians who have been deified, this changes the spectrum of information a bit. (Horus anyone?)

additionally, you could always just ask about the origins of the spirits themselves.

for example, i asked the 2nd goetia demon Agares the circumstances of his creation he told me that he was the creation of the biblicaly canonized Noah, born from the bones of the massive crocodile that god sent to feed the last humans in their hour of greatest crisis.(got a whole boat full of animals and they all have to survive or else you face the wrath of god…you would pray a giant river beast would come along too)

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but what if the deified magician, was an egregore too?

now we’re going down the path of the theoretical and the un-confirmable. but i imagine if such a persona DID manifest it would be no God. just a demon.

it would be and interesting turn of events however

Anything that has a creator, is an “egregore”.

It’s a fool’s term.



now i’ve got to contradict myself…just remembered some heavy shit…

in the Egyptian pantheon of gods there is only one who did (according to Thoth) NOT have physical form at one point.

Anubis was created by the gods to be the most powerful and unrelenting guardian known to exist. even the gods of Egypt were vulnerable in their dreams and when they left their physical bodies. so the gods poured forth their power to create the original “black guard” the “un-resting” Anubis


Welllll… I think it’s a useful term when discussing one’s own creations, but a bit of a trap to fall into worrying about too much.

I’m going to be lazy and repost something I put in another thread about this to go to the “humans are real and not egregores” idea.

“Real,” “egregore” - I’d be interested to know how people who feel certain of the nature of gods and demons, on either side of the debate, can explain these kinds of things:

There are hundreds of results of different cases if you search brain damage personality change and terms like that. You’re all just one solid blow to the head away from being completely different people. For the rest of your life!

Things like this are even more of a headfuck:

And it’s not just the brain that can do this:

Source & full story: blogs.unimelb.edu.au

And we think we’re “real” enough to decide who and what else is… :wink:

If a god’s mask changes over time to meet the changes of the people who revere it, whom it protects, maybe is even their spiritual ancestor, which mask is more real than another?