Spirits Singing and Piano-Like Sounds

Sometimes we do hear strange but beautiful sounds that come and go randomly. I had experienced this and it’s true. I do often hear a sound that is similar to a female singing from heart, very calm and romantic. Sometimes it comes as piano or guitar performed very lightly and calmly. The special thing is that they are all very calm sounds, relaxing and similar to mediation. They don’t represent sadness at all, they are charming and very emotional.

What do you think about this?

When you say you hear them what do you mean

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them = the sounds

Idk what to make of it , if it’s pleasant continue doing it , however I advise practice thought control , because at the wrong moment that could drive you mad

Rejuvenated :arrows_counterclockwise:

So when do you hear it just randomly or is it like when your almost asleep type of thing?

I’ve Hurd music a few times and always was when I’m laying down after a long time of beIN awake. I always enjoy the music but it’s like so hard or me to remeber the words to the song after hearing it,

Can you recall any of the lyrics?

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Randomly while laying down and trying to take a quick nap.

No specific lyrics really, it’s not clear.
More like the mmm sound, singing with it.

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So basically the same for me when laying down almost asleep.

It’s nice to hear the music even if you can’t remember the lyrics or just not hearing them or maybe she is just like humming a song.

So on the topic of music and spirits a dude showed me a program he made that takes audio files and cutts them into tiny pieces and re outs them back together but somehow it’s super easy for spirits to be able to talk through the audio. He made a audio file for me with the requested song of sound of silence disturbed cover and the first time I listened to it they were telling me to summon them and asking me to take them with me then just 20 mins ago I listened to it again talking with them cause it’s easiest to hear them when you ask a question I out a little energy into summoning them then shifted it into myself and said and into me then they said we love you I was like aww I love you too they answered really I’m like yeah then I touch my heart and project love to them they appreciated it. The page that I go the file from got deleted and I’m not sure how to share it. If your interested in listening to it I’ll try to link it for you just pm me. And yes hope you didn’t mind me going off topic slightly here. It seamed like there words came out o the instruments not from the vocals on the audio but I dunno yet. I’ma ask them to sing next time and see if the bless me with a song.

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