Spirits seeking you?


I understand. Such reservations is why I made the choice to give a selection for each person to evoke from…so if you aren’t comfortable with one or two then there were the others.

You don’t need to be afraid of King Paimon or Belial. Both of them are just powerful, ancient beings and approaching them with that respect and regard will go a long way with them. :slight_smile: You’ll know when it’s the right time to approach them.


thank you. hope to learn more from you :slight_smile:


Quite welcome!


Define “the point of no return”. Do you mean being kidnapped/spirited away?


I think that’s true…you reach a threshold…a place in your evolution where they become involved with you almost by default.


I understand exactly what you are saying, when you have something to offer, they all come running to get you to work with them.


You (general ‘you’) still have to put the work in. No work, no results, then it doesn’t matter, they can seek you all day long and if you don’t want it there’s nothing doing.
Planet of free will means you do whatever you want in the end. That also means there’s no such thing as a point of no return, if you know how, you can forget, go back to sleep. You probably won’t, and would’t enjoy that, but it’s possible.


Sleep and to forget, would be a blessing…lol. unfortunately I don’t have that option.


It happened to me and horrible mistakes were made because I was cut off from my intuition. I didn’t know how much I relied on it until I didn’t have it. I can’t say I recommend it.


You have a point…what do you recommend then? To be fair I would feel empty if I didn’t have my senses, abilitys…it is hard work tho…


By the looks of it, it seems to mean that you can’t return to a mundane life or be a sheep again.


My life has never been mundane…I wish at times it was tho! Lol


I don’t know about that… Some people have opted to stop practicing magick for different reasons.


Please tell me how I can be mundane? And be free?


Eh… just do what the average joe/Jane does:
Work hard all daytil exhaustion
Pay unrelenting bills
Eat, sleep, shit shower, shave

Rinse and repeat the average groundhogs day life.


Wish it was that easy! Lol…IL give it a try tho! Lol!


If a spirit starts bugging me, uninvited, I present to it, “Orismen’s Handy List of ‘Prove it’ vol. III”* that is to say, I tell the spirit if it wants my attention it has to prove itself.

If it can, great, let’s chat.

If it can’t, it is dismissed.

Many newer magicians will jump at the chance to work with the first spirit that shows them any attention. This is a good way to get burned.

*it sounds like I am being an asshole, but this list is a sample of very simple things a spirit could do and prove that they’ll keep their word.


Go about your life and do magick when you have an opportunity.


Mundane people are not free…


You only have one life (this round)…why wouldnt you want it to be interesting? :wink: