Spirits seeking you?


So some say once Spirits start seeking you, you’ve reached the point of no return.

Regardless, everyone can say that we’ve had a Spirits name pop into our heads now and then. So how do you usually anwer this call especially if it doesn’t go away?


I answer it by stating when I will work with the Spirit. Some I begin honoring and working with immediately however I told some that I will work with them either in the near, distant or far future (some really have energies I’m not ready to handle).

Lately I’ve had an interest in Samael and the Grigori along with the Greek Pantheon reentering my Life so I guess I’ll see how it goes XD


Usually it is the sorcerer who focuses on a name to call on for worship. The response is up to the deity who will usually not give a name but give signs of his presence or accedance. This would include visions with various animals or a man wearing a specific clothing with vivid colors even an old knight in armor.

The responding deity could also give signs by becoming physical and throw or move objects or things might disappear as a sign of displeasure or render a warning. Sometimes however the deity will chose not to accede and you will never know as you will receive no response at all.


Man…I get names all the time and they do NOT stop repeating until I evoke them. Usually I get at least one every week, if not two. But I rarely go a week without hearing a name of one who would like to work with me to unlock aspects or one I’ve already evoked, to go over something they want me to address.


Welcome to my world. With me they eventually understand and stop.


I always answer…even if it takes me several days to get to it. I’ve sometimes had a list that I had to go down to complete. <3 I feel honored by their willingness to help me in the way they do.


Indeed! There are very few I have no interest in working with at all.

I decided to save the more intense ones for the day I am a stronger more controlled person.


you lucky people :smiley:


You’ll have your turn one day😁


I think sometimes for ones I know might be carrying stronger energy, I might wait until I’m just very well rested so that I can take on that immense energy. So far, I’ve only encountered a few that were a serious challenge to me energetically speaking…ones that had such strong/dense energy that it made it hard for me to breathe and stay conscious. The first of these was my father-god. Another was the Egyptian god Sutekh aka Set. Some came rather close. Prince Enki made me pass out, though his energy wasn’t heavy…it was just a ritual we were doing.


been trying and trying and trying.


Keep trying. Don’t ever give up. You’ll miss out on SO much if you give up.


giving up thought has not crossed my mind at all. but i am starting to think if i am just not capable of doing it.


The Darkest Spirit I’ve encountered was Glasya-Labolas. However I later learnt that he awakens the Darkness within us however he was very friendly.


I think you need to just keep trying different methods. Try doing the aspects (Aspects Exploration) thread. I think opening up some aspects could help you…


i still just desperately draw a sigil and talk to them, sometimes even have beg them to guide me ( which i think is not the right way) well hence i said desperately


If it does remember, you’re better off being a struggling Magician than a Sheep.


did not really understand this part. mind elaborating :slight_smile:


I think you need to open parts of yourself that will enable communications in a stronger way.
The Aspects Exploration thread is doing that…step by step for beginners…


yeah i just searched it. going through it right now :slight_smile:

there are two names which have been in my head for so very long, its partially because i have read so much about them.
King Paimon and Lord Belial but i am scared of both of them ( scared in a respectful way, i don’t know why but with Lucifer i just went ahead and did the evocation but when it comes to them specially Lord Belial, i just do not want to be on the bad side, not like i don’t respect others, i have pretty much same respect for all. i hope you get what my stupid mind is trying to say)