Spirits protecting against rape and false rape accusation


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If a woman leaves any marks on a man’s body, scratch marks on the back or a hicky on the neck, can that be used as proof it was consensual?


Well, the forum’s not a place for legal advice, also those things can happen making out, the woman can claim that was all she wanted. So my best guess says no.


Abyzou Lamashtu and Lilith


What is toxic masculinity? This is a term. I have seen time and time again in feminist circles to describe any and all behavior that they disapprove of in men. Obviously such a thing does exist, but I can’t seem seem to find a definition that’s actually helpful.


People keep telling me not to give up on women just because of what my ex-wife did. Well, I’m going to see where things go as far as that goes. Because any allegations set forth by a man towards a woman or laughed out of court. It’s almost better for men to be gay at this point. Just too scary, a woman can make any allegation and it will be instantly believed as fact , the man has to cut his teeth in order to prove that he isn’t a rapist, but a man makes any allegation, and he’s typically laughed at.


Lets put it this way. Men are taught that they are valued for their power, dominance, and success. Compassion, intelligence, honor, or creativity are valued secondarily. So men, no matter their intelligence or kindness, are judged based on success. So they then start to think, or are taught, that they need to become more aggressive, apathetic, and ambitious. Basically, succeed at any cost. Other men are competitors. Women, though, are trophies to be won or cattle to be put in place.

Toxic masculinity basically relates to bullying and sexual harassment. However, people do not talk about toxic femininity. Toxic masculinity is usually blatant and in open sight. Think of physical abuse or rape. Toxic femininity is more covert and psychological. So it goes unseen. Toxic men are generally more physical, utilizing threats and intimidation. Toxic women are generally more manipulative, utilizing guilt and seduction.


False rape accusations take very little effort. Basically a simple accusation is needed. Rape requires planning, alchohol or drugs, an alibi, charisma, or simply greater physical power than the victim. It’s harder to rape than to accuse of rape. However, it’s even harder to defend against false rape accusations than it is to protect against rape. I’ve wondered about how to accumulate evidence to prove innocence if such a situation would happen. Though, I then wonder if it would be taken as creepy.


My friend had to dump his girl friend because she’s been saying he wants to kill her. She’s been cutting her self at night and that won’t look good in court.


This is all going a bit identity politics, so with thanks to all who contributed experiences and thoughts, I am going to close it, please take further discussion to PM. :+1:

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