Spirits protecting against rape and false rape accusation


Getting lusty is definately a side effect of her energy XD. Honestly I just recently discovered the hidden gem of her sexual gnosis, and what she can teach in those moments. I thought she was powerful before, exceeded expectations to say the least.


Lilith is my fav haha (not literally cuss i cant have one) she is so warm and friendly but she definitely adds that +100 defense when it comes to grimy dicks and scummy cunts.


Lilith is dope!

I have decent mommy problems and plenty of experience with crazy women but also my mostly divine ex. The females are definitely different but they are actually a lot more alike then you’d think.

If I’m being completely honest they harness different energy then straight men normally would. I’m touching the water with gender-bending and shape-shifting…just lemme tell you “female” Titan is just as much as a dick/bitch as male me. I will actually catch myself being “overly dramatic”, “feeling dumb”, or complaining about men its kinda crazy how its the same me but I can react and interact totally different using that energy.

Anyways, Lilith will actually help your relationships with women. Often times men’s relationship with their partners is guided by their mothers and the sexual partners she has. If you are anything like me then you probably have a had seen 1 too many douche bags destroy your mother’s heart, at the same time you have problem been shamed and mocked from that same mom.

Look at your relationship between your parents and it will help.

Lilith is an amazing partner and great teacher and nurturer. I like to think as her as like the sexy confident chick who you can meet dancing then get tucked into bed by without feeling worthless or unsafe.

Lilith as the divine wild feminine and great deity of chaotic energy will help with your relationship and understanding with women. She is a great teacher, so dont be surprised if a woman puts you in your place, or you are greatly humbled by women and their practices.

I tell you, i respect the shit out of women even the crazy ones lol. I haven’t even bought a makeup palette yet, or bought a pair of high heels but sheesh do those take practice.

My mom and I have a better relationship, I can communicate to girls without being a total douche too. I can also dance pretty well lol and I thank the Bollywood (Dance) classes Lilith guided me to for that (even thought THEY KICKED MY ASS), the class was also led by a kickass chick so haha


The best step for you to do would be to chill. I do not believe you are anything remotely close to a rapist but you do sound like a nervous young buck who has a history with women and feels to some degree guilty.

It seems like you are very worried, which is fine but you need to relax now. I can see how you could get worried but you got your answer for protection which is Belial.

I highly doubt a girl who chose to go to pound town with you (a magician) would randomly then 180, I mean it sounds like she hasn’t. But you are worried, why? Maybe ask yourself how u felt mentally about it and figure out why. What did you think she thought about it before and after and why?

You cant trust women, and want to be protected “FROM THEM” yet engage in intimate relations WITH THEM?!
Did you trust the girl last night with having your kid, or making the choice NOT to have your kid? Probably not, but you see my point. Trust comes on many different levels, just because she left the bedroom setting and sobered up doesn’t mean they are going to regret it later or seek revenge.

I’ve actually had a pretty rough rape accusations and legal threats thrown my way after consensual sex, it wasn’t her directly but I definitely can relate, so PM is open.

Lilith would be a great deity to work with for female help. From communication to pound town Lilith will help out. She also helps with toxic masculinity and femininity. Too much masculine she will help humble it, too much feminine she will set order.


I gotta say, im very grateful to be fortune enough to be united with friendly people that have a fellow love and appriciation for Lilith, she brought a wonderful lady into my life too :3 she tends to bring her children togeather.


Well if shes my mum then that’s incest lol i guess the gods were always downright lol. But yeah I love Lilith but i also Lust Lilith haha. Im looking forward to her cumming in my dream tonight and the nights after.


I think the rules of ‘family relations’ are different in the astral XD. I refer to her as the mother of dragons for fucks sake lol.


omfg I was thinking GOT when i wrote that shit lmao im shleep


Honestly Dani fits that archtype to a T. Whats even stranger, did an evocation of Lucifuge and he showed up as tiawin lannester with 3 horns lol. With Charles Dance’s voice and everything. Talk about a WTF moment.


Huh… I now picture Azazel as that kinda haha, but yeah Dani does minus the inexperience, being 14 lol


Every goddess has a maiden stage :stuck_out_tongue:


Believe it or not, my parents are a great example of a long lived monogamous relationship. However, that’s not what I want. I want to explore non-monogamy. Not one night stands per se (maybe but not exclusively). I just think I myself, and which ever woman I go out with, is a unique and independent being and monogamy kind of takes that away. Plus, I want to explore life and the various experiences it holds. Monogamy limits that and actually seems to convince people to settle down and raise a family. All power to anyone who wants to do that, but that’s not the life I want.

In fact, I feel like some responsibility to do this and a variety of other things. It’s somewhat cosmic. A lot of time, money, and energy is put into raising a family. I feel as if those resources can be used for something different. Perhaps some form of humanist project or service. And I believe the world is in the state its in because people don’t do that. Everyone either wants to get married and raise a family or is pressured into it. And traditional living seems to bring traditional thinking. My parents believe people eventually become conservative at some time or another. When you’re raising kids, yeah of course. With raising a family being the absolute norm or right way to live, very little in society is challenged. If more people decided NOT to raise families, they could get involved with projects that not only challenge but evolve society. I feel as if that’s my calling.

Like I said. All power to those who want to raise kids. But its not for everyone.


Well put, and more power to you! I’m switching to polygamy/open lifestyle for similar reasons.

Do you think younger generations bring new values and concepts to evolve society?
Younger generations push new ideas into the societal norm. Their values will be reflected throughout society. What would the 70’s be without the rebellious youth? Raising healthy, smart, and tolerable humans will always be of great help. (If your rebuttable to this would be population control you should look into the [last name] Rockefellers )

It’s definitely a part of mine too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, I do. However, history has a funny way of repeating itself. Every generation, teens get to their 20s and have their radical views. They demand change and challenge society. Then they grow up, marry off, and raise families. They realize they’re parents were right all along and change into them. Their radical views become more and more conservative over time. They then fear what they don’t understand, whom they don’t understand. They’re kids grow up and the cycle starts anew.

This happens with every generation because everyone wants to raise a family or taught that’s the only way to live happily and fulfilled. Of course, your parents were always right. That’s because you created the circumstances in which they would. You can’t be radical and live a normal life. You can’t have it both ways. Choose one and stick with it.


We are pretty cool I think (linear time Earth cannon) I mean we are about to have 5G wifi, smart tools, and VR. I’m sure there were similar things in some ancient civilizations but it’s new for us. Also, if history repeats itself. What makes you so different than everyone in Rome and Greece? My mother actually tells everyone “never have kids!” but she just had my baby sister and probably once more with a boy.

Japan actually has already got us beat to some degree, I mean, they threw out their societal and cultural appropriation SO QUICK the country is dealing with the fallout. All the young lads and gals decided to go out and get a real job and stay single, rather than taking care of mom and dad in the house.

I wish you luck on your intimate endeavors (keep me updated with advice via pm)


I hate to point out the blindingly obvious, but the glorious future you dream of? Is a result of people raising families. :scream_cat:

I won’t get any more into it than that, but wow… babies don’t come from the stork for realz you know! :stuck_out_tongue:


santissima muerte is particularly good for court cases as you may imagine.



I never said we should stop. I’m just saying people shouldn’t be pressured into it. Let those who want to marry marry. Let those who want to reproduce reproduce. Let those who want to adopt adopt. Let those who don’t do whatever enriches their lives.


I wasn’t aware there were froced breeding farms sending vans out on the street to kidnap people? :thinking:


Realistically if this was happening it sounds like it would be related to porn.