Spirits protecting against rape and false rape accusation


Buy a cheap digital voice recorder. 39 usd @ Wal-Mart.


Would you date someone who used one of those


What they don’t know wont hurt them. Also I am highly selective, and control my environment 100%. You are the one concerned with false rape allegations, I am simply pointing out an easy option for you to consider.


How would having the condom prove it was consensual when the argument “I wanted to say stop but was too scared” holds up in court?


I’ll stay single. You can’t get attacked by sharks if you stay out of the ocean.


When her fingerprints are on it showing she put it on? It’s not bullet proof but being able to tell someone you have that could put them strongly on the defensive and reconsider.

Also adds some serious plausible deniability at the thought of “it’s a heinous crime but at least the attacker made sure they didn’t catch an std.” Overall it’s a case of your word against theirs and anything that can help make their claim look more ridiculous is desirable.

Sick world but it happens. This is what baneful works are most deliciously used against. Attackers and fraudulent accusers. Also, a servitor keeping these types away could be a wise preemptive option.


I don’t mean to be crude but I’m pretty certain they’d get rubbed off when it’s in, erm, use? :thinking:

The smiling selfies after looks like the best bet, that day’s newspaper somewhere on display as well.


I’m definitely single for life (big fan of multiple open long term relationships. Consider it! Just be up front with everyone and nobody will want to boil your pets…)

I guess it’s a matter of tradeoffs. You can’t get in a car wreck if you don’t get in a car but I’m not going to let that stop me from enjoying one of the things I love most. I love women, there’s just some dangerous ones with a bad approach to getting their emotional kicks.

Magick definitely sways the current of what you get and some protection spells go a very long way. It’s all probability and life is nothing without risk.

Hope you get a woke cutie who can’t get enough of you and has less than 3 cats


Destruction Magick. Clear the area of particular people before you even go hunting for a good woman.




Lilith hands down. I’ve worked with her on numerious occasions for the protection of women and children and when either or both are involved she moves fast and with great fury.


I’m a guy. I like to think I respect women, but I don’t trust them due to personal experiences. That’s kind of the point of this thread. I want to be protected FROM THEM. I also want them to be protected too. Sort of like an aura.

I want to use magick to attract women, consensual-ly. However, I’d also like to use magick to some way grant them a boon during sex.


It sounds more like you’re looking to build trusting relationships at the heart of the issue. Id still go with Lilith on this matter regardless. She places a high value on freedom and consent especially when it comes to sexuality.


Yes, trust is key, obviously. However, I also put emphasis on attraction too. However, if I ever get to meet with Lilith, I might want to develop a relationship with her, potentially as a lover or a teacher on “making love”. And, of course, consent is especially necessary with her.


Everyone i know thats worked with her has had good experiences although shes not going to blow smoke up your ass if she doesnt like you, You’ll know right away. Although as long as she’s treated with honor and respect weather you get along or not should be a safe experience.


Worst I do to ANY woman is generally “Leave her alone.” “Don’t help, don’t hinder.” “She can do what she wants, but it has nothing to do with me.”

Course, she’d know I’d like to play hard to get with her.


Fair warning, her gnosis can be jarring to say the least. Ive had her manifest in my girlfriend while we were making love and she took on Lilith qualitys in terms of appearance and general vibration. To the degree i could visablely these manifestations plane as day.


I’ve been apprehensive about working with Lilith for some reason. I’m not sure if we’d mix well or not as I’m all about giving a base level of respect yet I definitely do see women as quite different and I’ve heard that opinions concerning them aren’t really something she endorses…

The nature between male and female are quite different and both have their dark sides. I’m not sure if she’d invite that or not. Guessing she’s a lot cooler than most people are. I also have a strong empathetic side as well so I don’t know.

I’ll hit the search function and see if she calls. Belial had me weary for a long time and he turned out to be one of my patron Demons who eve manifested his own offerings within a few hours. Might be awesome


Astaroth ive always had good experiences with as well, her/his energy has a track record of assisting the magician with divination but S.Connoly’s listed hidden gem about friends and lovers definately holds very true too.


Last year begin reciting the only Lilith chant could find online at new moon. …what can I say that the first time she breathed in and after walking around the house stating her cause she breathed out and I knelt in homage. It was the first time ever. The next new moon I was so damn frisky. Lol. But i have not kept it up seemed to me that there are better chants and she is more than that. If you have been harmed had abortion well… Lilith