Spirits protecting against rape and false rape accusation

What spirits can help protect someone from both rape and false rape accusations?




how so

The Spirit of Knowing What The Fuck You’re Doing


Anything having to do with the law or abuse of power over another is Belial’s wheelhouse.


That’s not always the case.

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Sraagbel given his power over the truth. It will tear apart false accusations and reveal the truth in the hearts of others giving one warning to not fall for their deceptions thus avoiding the threat altogether.
Or you could go for a spirit of domination. No one would be able to make a false accusation as you can command otherwise or command them be ruined and the lies go no where and use that power against an attacker to cripple and control them.
Many other categories too it would mostly rely on what your style is and what spirits would meet that. A good defensive servitor would work well too.



Rape and rape accusations can come out of no where and they are certainly hard to fight. Course for my case, I’m more concerned with false rape accusations. With those, all a woman needs to do is just say you raped her and then its your word vs her’s. She can sob and cry and that activates a protective conditioning in the crowd. If you, in return, act emotional, you’re seen as unstable. Even if she admits she lied, the prosecutors will likely not be willing to drop the charges because that means they’ve made a mistake.

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Really :laughing: Wish I met him sooner than.

Define rape. Do you mean from a succubus, or physical attacker?

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Physical attacker. If by a succubus, I’m believing I could call on a deity for protection. Thor would be my go to guy.

Course, again, I’m more concerned with false rape accusations. I only included “rape” in the chance I, or someone I care about is raped or is in danger of being raped.

Course, again, I’m more concerned with false rape accusations.


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Without going into detail, I’ve had bad experiences with women who took advantage the bias and reactionary systems at my expense.

I don’t really trust most women, but I can’t just avoid them. So I have to deal with them. I just want some other worldly protection to keep myself safe. Course, I also want them to be safe too.

It’s dicey out there man. On any hookup I ALWAYS have the girl put the rubber on me (so I can tell her it has her prints on it if they try to pull this shit after feeling like some extra attention sounds good) and it helps to go out for breakfast the next day so there’s some cognitive dissonance for brutally fucking someone over who laid them well and bought them waffles. Also makes her look like a conniving twat in front of a jury if you got waffles and took dorky selfies together at the diner the next day. I’m sure the dog filter would showcase the extent of the full impact you had on her fragmented soul…

(Somehow some idiot on Reddit wouldn’t interpret what I’m saying here and think I’m giving “rape advice”… Glad BALG’s collective reading comprehension is on average higher than the rest of the internet. You’re my favorite slice of humanity.)

Sadly enough an apology in any way can look like an admission of guilt, especially if it’s via texts. Not good. If they say something like “What we did last night was wrong…” I’d text back “It’s unfortunate we live in a society with puritanical sexual norms. I had a fantastic time with you last night and I’d love to have another one together soon.”

The tone can be interpreted in one of two ways. Don’t make yourself dead to rights through reenforcing a false narrative by trying to reasure things. From a legal standpoint this creates reasonable doubt and that is NOT good. If you didn’t do anything wrong, it was undeniably consensual, and she regrets it after, that’s her problem to deal with. I’m really choosy about who I let in now, spineless bitches leave messes and other women get flak for it from everywhere. Heuristics are a bitch.

Side note for anyone reading because the internet just loves to see what’s not there: If it’s not appallingly obvious already, I’m not condoning rape. At all. Rape in any form is fucked. Yes, spineless people do things that ruin lives and I know too many that have had this happen personally, not to mention a rather big one in the news recently I can’t talk directly about due to forum rules but you know what I’m talking about.

A friend of mine almost went to jail, received death threats, and had his car vandalized because someone felt ignored and needed her fix of drama. Luckily he got an admission from her through text that he was able to screenshot and send to her dad (who is a cop) or else he’d be behind bars today.

A bit of preventative measures ensures both parties act like adults. Dignity and handling it well could make all the difference between having your life ruined and dodging a bullet from a drama addict.

Also, …definitely screen for these types. There’s a class of female out there that didn’t quite get the firmware update that the desirable ones have and I’ve seen more than a few of them discard a stable, happy life anyone would celebrate having because for unknown reasons they crave the full spectrum of emotions and consistent happiness for too long bothers them. Choose wisely.

If she nonchalantly talks about an experience that should be obviously very traumatizing and it’s in the same tone they’d use to describe how they prefer strawberry milk over chocolate you’ve got a sign they don’t run on the same definitions that a sane person would have and this has probably been done in the past to some capacity.

Tul;dur - Hit up Belial, and don’t date people who think bad experiences are like a merit badge to collect so they can one up each other. It trivializes real victims and it’s a time bomb waiting to go off. If a crack appears in a relationship it’s usually not getting patched over without difficulties down the road. Choose wisely

(Even though it’s not reddit I still almost expect a few dozen angry comments calling me worse than Hitler for giving my take on this. Thoughtcrime.)



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I thank you for the in-depth advice. I’ll read it over again later.


Belial is definitely the man. Whatever my ex lost her mind and started making up random accusations purely for the fact of getting me in trouble, I called on Belial.

I may have been a little bit unorthodox in the way that I called him, but he really did his shit. All allegations were determined to be false, and my name is officially no longer a part of any police database.

Although, my local police department was really interested in my life for roughly four hours.


Rape is a consistent topic, that I’ve found, in feminist rhetoric. However, a lot of the times, it seems like its for show. Either to serve selfish gain or blatant spite/ignorance. The ones I’ve argued with eventually brought it up as a last resort to win the argument. It’s usually on something else entirely. One time, I was trying to call a girl on how she was treating my male friend. Then she brought up rape. That’s like saying a woman’s welfare is more important than a man’s.

When a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, she is not only ruining his life, and that of his family. She’s also hurting women who HAVE been raped. And I mean legitimately been raped. Rape is a difficult issue. It can be very life changing. But when even one woman falsely accuses a man of raping her, her actions then reflect on real rape survivors. If a woman is actually raped, her experience is then doubted more and more with every false accusation.

A woman doesn’t like being called shallow or stuck up just because she chooses not to date a particular guy. She doesn’t want to be called a whore for any reason either. Where as these things can hurt her reputation, its certainly nothing compared to being falsely accused of rape. An accusation can literally destroy one’s life. Even if the accused is found innocent, they will be persecuted to no end.

I see rape as the third worse thing you can do to someone, second only to slavery and murder. It’s a heinous crime. And so, because of that, using it in propaganda, invoking it in argument, and above all falsely accusing someone of it are highly deplorable things. I believe any woman who uses it to win a debate should be shunned. Any woman who uses it for selfish propaganda (if and when its discovered) should be charged of misdemeanor and sentenced to community service. Above all, falsely accusing someone of rape SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED AS A FELONY AND GIVEN THE SAME SENTENCE AS THE ACCUSED WOULD’VE OR ORIGINALLY HAD.


While it’s hard to ignore wider cultural trends, I do respectfully request this topic come back to dealing with this issue personally via magickal means, the forum’s “no politics” rule includes discussion of identity politics (in this case, women and feminism) and therefore I request any further discussion of this type be taken to PM, cheers. :+1:

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Deleted my comments. Only this:
Blessed Belial that I am releasing attachment even to ‘guilts’ that are not my own.
Blessed King Paimon who shows me gnosis
Blessed Lilith who knows and heals
Blessed Azazel who answered and strengthen
Blessed Lucifer whose light burns
Blessed is Me who changes to becoming my goddess self.

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