Spirits, own magick and psychodrama

I work with Dantalion at the moment on a task to get a girl I desire. I have often with my pendulum talked to the sigil of Dantalion about the request where the pendulum swinge in the yes direction. However, what happens if I perform my own magick also on the picture of her I have working it out as a psychodrama. Can the act of psychodrama also communicate to the summoned spirit? Is a better way to show Dantalion what I want?

Sounds good.

Emotions and strongly held images are, I would say, a better way to get your intention across than just words that you don’t put too much visualisation into.

It is best to perform the psychodrama before or after my petition to the spirit?

I think it will work both ways, but if you do it first, it will all be fresh in the air while the petition is being read and could give it a bit of extra oomph. The best way to find out is to do it twice and compare them.

You mean that I perform the psychodrama, then say the petition to the sigil of the spirit and then again perform the psychodrama?

I mean, do the ritual twice. So you have it done both ways to compare.
The first time, do the psychodrama first, then the petition. Take notes on how it felt, this is part if the results.
The second, do the petition first, then the psychodrama. Take notes.
Compare notes.

I did the psychodrama both before and efter petition. The first is to have the spirit watch my desire in my doing and then again efter the petition to show him the seriousness.

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