Spirits &/or spells for quickly healing bruises and aching?

A little context; I’m in school for filmmaking and fight choreography.
Now me and a fellow choreographer I was with today were going over a piece of choreography given to us; but this asshole didn’t know the difference between safe contact punches and just fuckin’ going at it like a real fight. Targets were off, aiming through the target (not AT the specific safe targets ont he body and stopping, which is how safe contact punches in film and stage are done) So, i’m bruised up pretty decently and aching quite a bit. Made it through the day fine but i’d rather focus on the craft itself and not these bruises and aches.

Now usually I’d just stick with icing it, pop some ibuprofen, ride it out and rest, but I’m gonna be at this for about another week and a half straight for about 3+ hours a day straight, and I’d rather be in a decent shape pain-wise so i can actually perform the fights necessary, (especially if they ever pair me up with him again) And if this becomes my profession I’ll need to be tip top constantly. I’m sure a little magick couldn’t hurt to help me out right? If it’s even worth it since bruises are so minor… but if they show up constantly due to my craft then I’d feel it’d be useful.

Any good spirits or spells to with with for treating stuff like this fast? It’ll be a regular thing in the coming years and anything to minimize or treat these scenarios is useful. Thanks!

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Archangel Raphael


Find a source of legitimate Dit Da Jow. The good stuff is hard to find if you dont know where to look. It is a herb/alcohol topical formula that takes time to make and works great to, at a minimum heal bruising. Making friends with people involved with traditional Chinese martial arts is the demographic to seek.


Draw the rune Uruz on your bruises( all of them if you can -with a red sharpie ) and chant (galdr) the name Uruz like a mantra for as long as possible with the intent of healing completly - it’s gonna be hot( just warning you) and you’ll feel strong as a bull in less then 5 min