Spirits of the Goetia

So the spirits of the lesser key of Solomon I love to study. But I’m wondering are these the spirits of the giants that were killed? Or they something else? Thank you?

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The only way for you to know is to ask them yourself. :+1:


No point not to! Your right !

I’ve read that spirits change their classification from time to time. Some of the more famous of demonology demons were once gods of older civilizations that were simply “demonized” (Pun intended) by the conquering Christian god. At least that’s what S. Connolly said. However I’d believe they were Djinn.


Requires a lot of research I would read the book of Enoch first.

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Yes I love the book of Enoch ! That’s why They are the spirits of the giants that are on this earth and now to be considered the Jinn. I should just ask them honestly and soon will and let you all know the answer I got!