Spirits of lust that benefit whoever you’re attracting

In regards to Man1’s topic on sitri, what spirits can be called upon for lust but actually benefit the person they are targeting? As in maybe the provide healing for the target, or protect them, or bring them good fortune?

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Isn’t lust a benefit on it’s own? Is it not our decision as spirits to manifest in the world of karmic desire to experience the tension and release of lust? If you want to share the experience of lust with another than put forth that desire as purely as you can.

You’re not doing yourself any favors by putting conditions for that desire before you even begin to put it out. Just assume that if it’s good for you, it’s good for them. At least in the beginning. Once you’ve gained some experience you’ll be able to hold more nuanced desires without watering them down with unnecessary conditions.

And even then, you may not want to have it nuanced. The point of desire is to indulge, is it not?

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Sallos and Zepar at the top of my head.

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Desire is powerful but can also be dangerous. I’ve been told lust magick can cause problems. I’m simply looking for the safest options.

safe in what sense? are you looking to fuck a woman who’s taken?

No but I don’t want her hurt in the process.

LOL don’t worry about that. It’s more likely that she will end up hurting you. Don’t underestimate the chaos aspect of the feminine

Yeah…There’s that.

hahahahahaha a minute ago you were all “White Knight” about not wanting to hurt some random girl’s feelings. Now once you’ve been reminded of the chaos aspect of the feminine you admit that it’s you who’s afraid to get hurt. This is the type of thing that blocks your desires from manifesting.

Ask Prince Sitri to help out with your inner conflicts first. Women are far from fragile little creatures that need protection 24/7. They’re super good at pretending to be though. Ask Prince Sitri to lift the veil and show you how it’s like on the other side. Or maybe you’re not ready to see that yet.

But that’s your decision. I would invoke him anyway. It’s good to put in practice.

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Perhaps later. For the time being, I’m putting together a new magical regiment. I’ll invoke Sitri when I feel ready. But for the time, I’m looking back at turning to Odin and the Morrigan.

As far as I know, when you ask an entity to do something especially love/lust related tasks, it will get you want you want… bu sometimes it will freelance! It could attach itself to the target because they like or hate that person for some reason, they have free will, desires and emotions of their own.

Is it worth the risk? that’s up to you.

If you work with the spirit often and they know you, and care about the relationship you have with it, they usually won’t affect the target beyond what you asked for. And if they know you’re experienced enough to punish them for it, they also won’t do it.

The nature of the spirit itself plays huge part. For example, Gods and Goddesses would never do that. And the spirit they command to do what you asked for would do exactly that and nothing more, out of respect for the deity. So it also depends on the spirit you’re working with.


True, I can be a bit hypocritical.

Truth be told I’m writing a story where the main character is trying to deliver this exact message.

This is why I made the post in the beginning. And also why I’m not calling on Sitri. I’d rather work with Odin and grow in power before I do that.

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well a lot of people can pull off holding two conflicting ideas in their heads simultaneously. Just look at all the religious people around the world who sin like it’s their full time job. I personally prefer to just have everything aligned in my thought processes. Life is more seamless that way. Takes up less RAM and processing power. Pardon the computer analogies I’m from computer science.

Having said that I get the sense that you’re not comfortable being a hypocrite since you’re trying to reconcile fucking a woman you want and not hurting her at the same time. So in that case my advice is to clear up the blocks before you put out your desire so you can enjoy the lust without the dumb conflicts.

Not wanting to hurt someone I want to have sex with is just nature. Only a psychopath would want to hurt someone they’re fucking.

And I’m sorry but for the time, I’ve decided to step back from demons and work with gods. I’ll go back when I feel ready.

I didn’t mean hurting as in physical pain (although a lot of females like that) but yeah I’m not trying to convince you of anything just offering my own perspective. Here’s to your ascent!

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For the record, yes women aren’t helpless damsels. But we’re talking about spirits. Most people aren’t equipped to deal with spirits. And like I said, some spirits just aren’t nice. If I call on a spirit to attract a woman, I may not be able to control it. I’d rather work with a god or goddess I can rely on. I’ll have them help me explore the spiritual world. Then I’ll turn to demons.

After all, they are demons. We can debate the source of their writings and reputations, but the fact is they’re still chaotic to certain degrees. The word demon still has a certain connotation that still sticks. I just want to work in a controlled direction where I can shed that connotation and grow in power.

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Well I’m just saying that whether the results are controlled or not depends on how clear your desires are and how much inner conflict you have. Gods, angels, and demons aren’t inherently chaotic or ordered in and of themselves. Angels can rain down fire and brimstone as spectacularly as any demon.

And if you read the mythologies of the Gods they’re not really the paragon of Order and Justice themselves. Your job is to clear up your intentions and conflicts so that the manifestations can be to your liking.

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