Spirits of keraktes

I have been looking into the spirits of keraktes and gazing into the sigils. It seems they do not have the same effect as gazing into sigils of the 72 or kingdom of flames ect. It’s like there is no spirit there at all. Does someone here have experience with the keraktian spirits

I think you should visualize the sigil in your minds eye and let it radiate its energy. It’s a different system with different energies and they will feel different to you. you know how you get that “feeling” in your top and middle part of your head when you look at the sigils. I bet you will begin to feel it if you close your eyes and try to trace over your visualized sigil. you might just have missed it because you were expecting that soft warm feeling there and so you might have missed it because it could have a more rough and cool feeling. do it and let me know if it helped. what ever you do don’t think that nothing is happening it’s probably just being subtle and you have to sensitize yourself to it.

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