Spirits of destruction and vengeance

Can we get a thread with a list of helpful destructive forces for vengeful purpose? List some spirits with names and sigils.

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Yeah we can. It’s called the Baneful Magic category.


Dratalon from the book of Azazel : Verdo send him on his target but the target defended themselves. So Dratalon failed to carry out the task as the magician had protective measures.
While another member ( @Nereid ) who send Dratalon on her target, is dead.


Forcalor : His office is to slay men and has no love for mankind. He hopes to return to heaven but he is deceived.

Sabnock : He can afflict
Men for many days with Wounds and with Sores rotten and full of Worms.

Raum : His office is to steal Treasures out King’s Houses, and to carry it whither he is commanded, and to destroy Cities and Dignities of Men

Vepar : Vepar call kill men in three days with afflicting sores and wounds and making worms breed in them. You can see him if you live near sea/ocean.

Andras : It is said he can slay the conjurer if no precautions are taken. I had bitter experience with him. I told him to slay my enemy and i made a 9 day blood pact where i put blood for 9 days and told him to slay. DO NOT FORCE HIM TO DO ANYTHING OTHERWISE HE WILL SURELY BRING DISCORD TO YOUR LIFE. Yes i forced him and from the next day, i met with accidents and all troubles. People started to hate me and talk shit about me everywhere. So i destroyed his sigil and had to do tough banishing for 3 days to get him off my life. Things have started to improve. I will share that later.


Suhrim : The Priest who sends him on an errand does so at terrible risk, for SUHRIM kills easily, and without thought. His Word is MASSHANGERGAL.

Zahgurim : It is said ZAHGURIM slays slowly, after a most unnatural fashion. I do not know, for I have never summoned this Spirit. It is thy risk. The Word is MASHTISHADDU.


Very nice! thank you!

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I will add more later.


Phenomenal list!

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