Spirits not interested in helping me?

Maybe it’s just me having a pity party and feeling sorry for myself. I don’t know. I’m just wondering why I struggle so much when it comes to making contact with spirits. Do I have some sort of blockage? Am I approaching things in the wrong way? Do I just not have the necessary “skill” or “ability” to realize they are communicating with me? Am I trying to contact the wrong spirits currently and need to work with a certain one first? I just don’t know anymore. :frowning:

Please define what you mean by “struggle”.
Communicating with spirits is not easy.

Since I don’t know you, this is a possibility, yes. It is not always easy to decipher the messages you get.

Struggle as in not seeming to make contact at all (or at least not that I recognize). Low magick I seem to do ok at, but when it comes to trying to communicate with spirits or get them to work with me, I don’t have success at all ( or it does not seem like it to me).

What about the actual results of your work?

Do you work on your senses? better to start there before wasting those involved time.


What communication means are you trying to use? Have you tried other means?

Are you actively working on clairvoyance and clairsentience?

Maybe it’s none of that and you simply need to practice , practice makes perfect


I’m not really getting any results.

I practice. I meditate, do evocations, invocations, work with tarot cards. I’ve tried sleeping with sigils to see if the spirits would reach out that way. Nope. Nothing.

I usually do meditation and scrying into a black mirror.

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How long have you been practicing your stuff? And how often do you do it?

I’ve been practicing for years.