Spirits lusting over my guardian spirit?

My guardian spirit is Freyja and anytime I do something sexual her name pops up. Now, I do not see her sexually at all-she is like a mother to me. Any reason why her name pops up while I do sexual activities?

I’ve had this happen to me with Azrael (who is not associated with sex, but we’ve done it), Sitri (who I’ve never met) and Lilith.

My guess is maybe we have suppressed sexual feelings about certain people, and then when we feel hot and bothered about it, their names pop up.

I could be wrong though.

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Freya is the Norse goddess of beauty of fertility.

The gossip around Asgard is that she dropped her knickers to her brother, all the gods and then all the Elves.

Think Pornhub but on a different plane…

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A lot of spirits lust after her but I doubt she’d be incestual. I’ve no doubt that she had enchanted Odin and his brothers as it goes in the Aesir-Vanir war