Spirits knowledgeable in history?

I’m looking for spirits that are knowledgeable in this plane’s history that can help me with my studies. All suggestions are appreciated

Personally, I feel like a vast majority of spirits have knowledge of this plane’s history in particular. seeing as most of them - if not all, have been around for seemingly uncountable year’s and have interacted or influenced it in countless ways.

And often make note of that at some point if you should ask them of their origin.

So to better answer your question: What aspect, in particular, are you looking to learn?

Because if it’s just the general history of this plane, then virtually any demon, angel, fae, and God/dess can help you. Maybe even ancestral entities if you look back far enough.

Those are my thoughts anyway, the question itself just feels too broad for a proper answer or nudge in the right direction.

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I would look into Primordial Gods associated with time be it the Egyptian God Heh/Hauhet or the Primordial Chronos, and there’s a long list of Daoist Gods who are Gods of time in specific years.


This is what I thought, but was thinking there might’ve been particular spirits who have this as their office.

Civilizations, politics, war and conflict between countries etc throughout history. There is no specific time period

Tuel, a Spirit from the First Kingdom of Flames. He “has overseen the race of man since the beginning here…He knows the history of all civilisations that have been set up on this earth, and is always delighted to share this knowledge with the magician.”


Understandable, for my own sanity, and to attempt to provide you with a sound answer it just gets easier from a more precise point or aspect of History.

I think you’ve been offered two sound options though, I’ve only worked with a handful of Primordials, but they are incredibly effective in their respective fields when allowed to work with proper and clear direction - like most spirits.

I’ve also heard/read good things about the KoF, but have never personally worked with any of the entities involved - yet. Tuel does sound like a good fit for your situation, as he touches more on the sides you seem to have an interest in.

You could also work with them both on two separate occasions to see what differences arise in not only perspective but the knowledge and understanding gained from the process.

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