Spirits Inducing the Rapture State?

There is a very interesting experience I had today and I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen? I evoked a spirit that had such powerful energy that it literally induced the rapture state in me. When I began the evocation I was in a light, bordering on medium, TGS trance. The emotions that were raised during the working were very strong anyway but as the spirit was nearing my working space I felt myself slipping into an even deeper trance with no physical or mental effort on my part.

At one point, I had to ask the spirit to enter my body temporarily which was part of the ritual itself, at which point I fell immediately into full blown rapture state. Everything in the room suddenly grew a blue and white swirled aura around it and I was part of my surroundings, no longer just “in” them. I had hyper senses, every power indicator light on my electronics doubled over and started swirling about and moving. I literally felt myself falling through the bed, dropping endlessly, even though I was still in the same place.

Then I slipped into soul travel and my tv turned into a golden floral mirror that I was sucked through, into another world where I met 5 demons who were friendly but not very talkative. When I said hello to them they just nodded their head in agreement. Then I approached a mausoleum (spell check?) a crypt that I entered and was getting ready to open a coffin that was inside but a dragon appeared and instructed me not to do that. He said I wouldn’t like what I find. I had a feeling that my own body was in there but not like a physical death, a spiritual death and rebirth kind of thing, finding a newer version of myself.

I felt as if opening the coffin would bring back a part of me that was now dead and buried, a part of me which I did not want to bring back and the dragon basically confirmed that. He said yes, if you open the coffin your current self will die and the old self will be reborn. At which point I saw a bunch of number 3’s all over the place which in numerology represents what comes after the new beginnings stage of the number 2, it represents moving forward with the new changes. So I immediately understood that opening that coffin would bring forth old parts of myself that I purposefully buried through previous magick ritual. So I turned around, thanked the dragon for his advice and made my way back home, then I snapped out of the trance.

Has anyone here ever encountered a spirit or a force of energy that was so strong it induced rapture or astral travel?

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The Angel of Lost Things stuff I did induced a debilitating degree of rapturous bliss, like you said everything was swirly white/gold and blue/pink, and NOTHING mattered a damn because I just radiated so much of this force of absolute peace and love, I was getting people coming up to me in the street asking for help hours afterwards as well, including some pretty creepy guys of the type who don’t usually bother me… it wasn’t a liveable, sustainable state in 21st Century London! :slight_smile:

Soul-travel too, I find that less problemstic because I’m used to being in 2 places at once, there are quite a few spirits who induce that, including “demons”… that’s easier to handle though it gets a bit awkward sometimes when I need to get on with practical things.

That’s very strange, I didn’t think it was important enough to mention but what you just said was in line with what I saw. When I was still in my room, that’s when everything had that comforting blue and white swirling energy aura around it, but when I entered into the astral plane (oddly enough, thru my Tv, god I sound like I was on acid or something LOL) my surroundings no longer had that glowing aura but everything I saw was in a monochromatic shade of blue, gold, white and reddish pink.

The demons, all of them, had no color except for various shades of blues and whites, even somewhat silver. All of the buildings were made of stone and were various shades of gold and off-white, and the dragon was purely red, even his spikes and wings were red just in different color tones. And all of the creatures I encountered (exactly 6 of them) had solid black eyes.

And the demons were extremely tall, with horns as traditionally depicted in books, but they had a comforting energy and were remarkably beautiful.

What spirit did you evoke?

I cannot say. I have made a promise to keep this information private and I do not go back on my word. Sorry.

I was just curious if others had experienced this? If it was common and to see if anyone had something in particular that they say saw or heard during this time that would fall in line with what I experienced, like what Eva said about the swirling auras.

Oh and Lady Eva, were people coming up to you in the street on another plane or here in this plane? I ask because when I engage in heavy TGS or ritual, many times I will also have strangers come up to me and speak to me and literally don’t want to leave me alone like they are deeply attracted to the energy I am giving off because of the energy raised previously and my connection to deeper levels of existence.

Oh. Well, I asked because I already know what it is. It may not fall under the same name as spirits give different names. I am presently working on something, some of which certain spirits merely act as a Gateway. I havent really reached the perfection stages yet as I am doing more investigative research into certain things utilizing a number of different sources. But your right its secret, and the reason its secret is because its not meant for the profane. Congradations on your experience though it is highly positive. To go back to your body is pretty much what could be thought of as a Soul Peice or Soul Memory. Certain people are in a transitionary phase and thats all I will say on that as (throws hands up in the air) spirits selected them for certain reasons or are merely giving them glimpses of the path they should be walking.

I doubt it

Right here in this plane, on the streets in west London and central London when I was walking round doing stuff, and though that often happened when I was busy with a lot of healing work, this time it was all about people either being lost geogrpahically, or (to be honest) emotionally and spiritually.

It was like they sniffed the Angel of Lost Things vibe and wanted to get some of that!

That does actually sound like a LOT of trip reports Ive read on erowid, hehe. All thats missing is the “while I was watching The Simpsons” part, but otherwise youre good to go! =p

I have had some experiences in rituals and meditations, where it was like being in two different places at the same time, in that, i knew i was in my bedroom,i felt the chair under me, the floor, heard cars going by, it just my attention was being pulled away from all that,but the one that was even remotely like what being said here was with Azazel. Now i was not trying to evoke him per se, just using his sigil to asked some questions,i opened it and was in TGS in seconds, deeper and deeper until, all of a sudden, i was not in the room anymore,i was nowhere, i did not even have a sense of my body,just in the dark,and then Azazel was with me. Now i will post in more detail if anyone cares to hear and if i can find the right words to describe it, it was powerful,beautiful,horrible,total sensory input overload, and it took me 3 days to “come down” from it, like a LSD trip yes, that was the first and only time so far i have had anything like that happen to me.

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Yes, the good ole Erowid Vault. But no I was not on any drugs. Trust me, I would have been honest if I was.

My Tv turned into a mirror and the desk it’s sitting on turned into an altar after I left my body. My room was structurally the same but the interiors and furniture either disappeared or changed into something else.

While on the subject of rapture, I didn’t see a reason to create another topic for this, the other day I was meditating. Trying to clear my mind, focus on my breathing, and all I could think of was I would like to induce the rapture state. I wonder if there is a way to induce it quickly without having to work at it for 20-30 mins. or longer? Because it requires so much concentration that with my ADHD brain it usually takes me almost a half hour to get that deep in trance.

Just then, I hear a voice speak to me. It says "May I make a recommendation?"
I said sure go ahead as I could sense that it had something to do with the questions on rapture that I was just pondering to myself.

The spirit instructs me to vibrate the mantra: Om Mah

Repeatedly, and even if I can only barely whisper it to try and vibrate the words in my chest with each breath. The spirit was a familiar so I trusted his guidance and proceeded to vibrate the mantra and I discovered that in less than 10 minutes I was again in full blown rapture state! I have already tried this twice and it works, and the visuals I get are more vivid, more realistic, and more colorful than any visuals I had ever gotten before.

Now, doing some research today I discovered that the word Maya (sometimes spelled Maja) roughly translates (over a period of time) into just “Ma” and the meaning of the word Ma is to create things from scratch, to use your inner power to mold and shape your reality, bringing things into fruition through visualization. And of course Om (or Aum) represents creation, connecting with our higher selves and the universe, and humming Om is known to induce deeper states of trance.

So basically by combining the two Om Mah (Aum Ma) it can induce visions and allow you to create things. I’ve been getting visions of guidance, just things to reassure me that certain magickal and mundane goals are working and also information I could benefit from but I’m thinking I could use this mantra to my advantage, combined with the law of attraction to produce very powerful visuals of my goals and bring them to fruition.

I mean I have only tried this a few times now but the visuals are so powerful that after about 10 mins. I am unable to distinguish the visuals from reality, it seems as if the visuals ARE my reality at that current time. So I’m going to keep experimenting with this and see if I can mold my reality, cause changes to occur in my mundane world by creating and shaping these changes in my visuals while in deep trance. I have always been able to do that with enough focus and effort but something tells me this new technique will be 10x more beneficial with practice.


Is this mantra just for you Raven, or can others try it? I haven’t been able to reach the rapture state yet and if this mantra you mentioned is helpful, I’d like to try it.

The spirit didn’t say anything about keeping this mantra to myself, and usually if they want me to keep something secret they tell me. I wouldn’t have shared it if it was only supposed to be used by me, that would be kind of a bitchy thing to do IMO.

Where to start, i was in the dark with Azazel, and then i saw all of these spiders webs, that is what they looked like anyway, and made of light somehow, everywhere, and as i looked into them i saw an images of a man. Now i don’t know who he was, never saw him before, don’t know if he is even “real” but i saw all of his life, and not just from birth to death, but every possible path that his life could take, and i’m seeing it all at once, there was NO beginning or end to it, or him, it was infinite, he was infinite. “HOLY SHIT” Now for Azazel’s part in all this, he was touching the “webs” and moving them in the way he wanted it all the go, and the thing to me was they were just little bits of this guy’s life, things on their own that did not seen to matter at all, but to Azazel that was ALL that matter, getting it all in the right order, i THINK that was what he was doing anyway, i was not handling all that very well. The worst of it was all the emotions, i was feeling everything this man was feeling, and again it was all once, and i was feeling for him as well,nothing about him was a mystery to me when all this was going on, (god i can’t even think about it without feeling sick, just because is was so intense,) love,hate,fear,happiness,sadness, coming together as one, and becoming something more, something i can’t even give a name to, and just when i feel that this it all that is, Azazel really drops the mushroom cloud on me by saying “This is but one, do you now care to see all the others?” by that he meant everyone on earth, and i think everyone who was or every will be. At that point i really lost it, (see that? NO i can’t and i can’t feel all that, i WON’T, can’t you understand? I will go mad or die if you make me, please STOP THIS!) And he let me go. Now back in my bedroom in a blind panic, i bolt out of the chair i’m in, and fall face first on the floor, (and no, that did not help at all, thank you very much,)Azazel’s presence still with me and he’s laughing and said “Oh no, we will see each other again…soon.” and he’s gone. And it took 3 days to get over it, no amount of grounding i tried made that feeling of being on LSD go away, had to fade away on its own, and for 2 weeks after i really was wrestling with it all, do i give all this up? Have i had enough? I can deal with one on one,or one at a time, but when something like Azazel shows up and says "Hay! Here’s everything! All at the same time!) That’s a little hard for me to take. That was in july 2014 I don’t know why he show me that, or if the man i saw was real, or if any of it was real, was that Soul Travel? Does any of this matter at all? Don’t know. Now i have tried to make this as clear as i can, i’ve never spoken of it to anyone or written it down until now, i wanted to forget it all, but i don’t think you can forget something like that. Anyway that was my experience.

P.S. oh i don’t want anyone who reads this thinking Azazel is the evil bastard some say he is, he’s really not. But he and all the other so-called 'DEMONS" that i have worked with just don’t seen to give a rat’s ass about things like my comfort and my tolerance levels.